Hans Van der Horst

Head Global Tribe Customer Data Management ING Group Netherlands
Hans van der Horst, started his career in Telecommunications with the Dutch operator. He switched to retail banking when being responsible for setting up a joint venture between KPN Telecom and Postbank for electronic card payments. Soon he switched to the distribution side of retail banking. From manager of the Direct Mailing operations he switched in 2000 to the branch network. From 2008 he was responsible for the ING branch network in the Netherlands. He lead the merger of Postbank and ING Bank for the branches, implementing a complete new branch formula on a national scale. Since 2011 he is responsible for the customer domain of ING Netherlands. The main task in this role is the turnaround of ING retail into a fully digital banking operation by the full digitization of all client processes. On this topic he will share some thoughts with you.
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