Gildas Poissonnier

Senior Director Sustainability and Responsible Finance Desjardins Canada

Leading Desjardins's sustainability and responsible finance experts team, Gildas Poissonnier supports the functions of Desjardins Group as a whole, including banking, P&C and life insurance, and investing, in two areas: 1) Moving forward Desjardins’s commitment to integrate environmental, social, and governance criteria into its decision making and its operations, and 2) Supporting the development of responsible finance products, in line with Desjardins’s commitment to tackle climate change issues and to foster a fair energy transition, focusing on the long term socio-economic development of members and clients. 

Before Desjardins, Gildas worked for 11 years at Deloitte, where he led the Sustainability and Climate Change team in Québec. In that position, he supported dozens of public or private organizations through consulting engagements dealing with social and environmental topics.