Meaghan Johnson

Senior Advisor Efma United Kingdom

Digital Financial Services Researcher, Customer Journey Expert, Strategy Consultant and UX Design

Meaghan is a customer journey, product and fintech expert. She holds seven years’ experience working with dozens of digital teams at global banks, fintech startups and company builders as an Associate Director at Informa, Co-Founder of 11:FS and Founder at Digital Magss.

Meaghan has launched research platforms, designed mobile customer experiences, conducted customer testing, facilitated bank and fintech partnerships and demystified emerging technologies for banks. With unique full-scale research and consulting background and unparalleled knowledge of digital banking experiences, she enjoys informing and inspiring digital teams to create truly digital customer experiences that cater to customer jobs to be done and cultural nuances. Meaghan is increasingly consulting banking executives on POC identification in the data commercialisation, platform, marketplace and blockchain areas. A keynote speaker at global events, facilitator of board level workshops, she is also an avid traveler.

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