Carlo Giugovaz

Founder & CEO Supernovae Labs Italy

Carlo is among the pioneers of the digital banking and he is considered a visionary innovator and one of most recognized fintech thought leader in Europe.

He has worked in banking industry as Management Consultant and as Bank Manager for over 30 years and more recently he started a new path as entrepreneur by founding Supernovae Labs, a Business accelerator for Fintechs and Banks. He swims in innovation, surfing new technology & way of doing, weighting the soundness of business ideas and connecting them with the reality of internal legacies, cultural gaps and spaghetti systems. That puts him in the position to devise a clear vision about the upcoming disruption, and figure out how banks can successfully embrace, rather than counter it, leveraging a new breed of technology, from mobile to big data, from biometrics to AI.

His distinctive strength is a blended mix of competences (strategy, marketing and sales, technology, finance and organization) developed in many innovative projects and challenging managerial positions. In this international journey he has acquired a rare global vision, sharp execution capacity and state of art digital know-how. In his role he is a positive leader that takes care of every single aspect of his job: problem setup, commitment to success, people energy, creative ideas, customer experience, risks and impacts.

Virtual SME Banking Awards 2021
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