Danielle Winandy

Head of Risk Innovation Office (Chief Innovation Officer) BNP Paribas France

Danielle is a serial intrapreneur at heart.
Her successful career can be attributed to her 10 year-experience in financial services and innovation.
Since 2017, Danielle Winandy is the Head of RISK Innovation Office (RIO) within BNP Paribas (BNPP).
Her current role involves creating an environment that foster innovation by bringing in intrapreneurship programs, methods, models and metrics that allow potent ideas to turn into reality.
Among other things, Danielle and her team strive to facilitate innovation trainings and workshops throughout the company and network with external experts.
Danielle Winandy also helped shape the innovation evolution within BNPP through her direct contribution to several innovation’s initiatives.
She also co-founded Lumen: a collective program with other companies to create a real status for intrapreneurs. Not only an expert in innovation, Danielle also is certified on Disruption Strategy by Harvard Business School and on Design Thinking by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.