Jack De Mooij

Tribe SE, Micro, SME and MidCorp, Product Area Lead ING Bank Netherlands

Jack has a passion for SME Banking and Innovation. Since 1995 Jack has fulfilled many roles within ING, both with ING The Netherlands as with ING International. In these roles there has always been a direct link between SME Banking and innovation. From 2015 Jack has worked for ING Direct in Italy. In co-creation with international FinTechs - like USA-based FinTech Kabbage - ING Italy has launched an innovative digital lending proposition for Italian SME entrepreneurs: within 10 minutes Italian SMEs got an answer to their loan application up to € 100.000,-. In 2018 Jack returned to ING The Netherlands, where he was responsible for launching a platform proposition for Dutch SMEs. By the name of ‘ING + Partners’, Jack has launched a market place for beyond banking products for SMEs. And in co-creation with British FinTech Funding Options Jack has launched a platform for alternative SME finance in The Netherlands. Jack lives in Northern Italy, is married, has three children and holds master degrees in Business Administration and Strategic Marketing Leadership.