Gareth Friedlander

Deputy Chief Executive Officer Discovery Life South Africa
Gareth Friedlander is the Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Discovery Life, as well as being the Head of Research and Development.  He joined Discovery Life’s Product Development team in January 2008, the year before he was admitted as a Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries.
With a passion for innovation, Gareth leads the product design strategy that serves Discovery Life’s 800,000 policyholders and has overseen the launch of nearly 40 new products to market over the past decade, many of which have been global firsts.
Gareth has also played an instrumental role in the roll out of Discovery’s Vitality Shared-Value Insurance model to more than 20 countries around the world.  With significant experience in developing Life Insurance products, Gareth advises partners of the global Vitality Network across Europe, the United States and Asia on product design and the application of the Vitality model into their life insurance offerings.