Carlo Panella

COO - Head of Direct Banking & Digital Operations illimity Bank (Italy) Italy

Carlo Panella is a graduate of the Politecnico di Milano University, specialised in engineering management. His managerial career has been focused on transformation, beginning at multinational entities such as DHL and Vodafone, which he contributed to transforming from an Italian company to a multinational telecom entity.

He joined the BPM Group in 2000 managing the Bank’s digital transformation process. Then he went on to revamp WeBank completely into a remote model, until making it a benchmark for the sector and taking over the role of General Manager. After leaving the lending industry, he took on the position of General Manager in CSE Consulting, an IT and back-office services outsourcing company offering digital turnaround services to small and medium sized banks.

He joined the illimity team to manage the Direct Banking and Digital Operations Division, bringing along his over 20-years’ experience in digital transformation.