Lukas Dzuroska

SME Banking Program Director Efma Slovakia
As Country Manager at Efma, Lukas is responsible for managing relations with all member and non-member financial institutions in Poland, Turkey and the Nordic region. 
In addition, as the Program Director of the SME Summit and SME Banking Council at Efma, Lukas has demonstrated his expertise on various topics connected to innovation and transformation in retail and SME banking.
Moreover, for the past five years, he has co-hosted the Efma Accenture Innovation Awards in Banking with Jim Marous and has spoken at numerous international conferences across Europe and USA (among many, the Fintech Digital Congress in Warsaw, Chris Skinner´s Banking Club in London, Banking as a Service Summit in Istanbul, TEDx in Slovakia and the Insurance Awards NA chapter in Boston and Chicago).
Starting in January 2020, Lukas will take on an additional role in leading a global community and overall expertise for SME Banking at Efma.
You can contact Lukas at lukas@efma.com.
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