Gitte Sundqvist

Head of Brand Identity, Strategic Marketing and Branding Swedbank Sweden
Gitte has been with the Bank for almost her entire life. Starting off within the International Divison, Export Credits and Guarantees dept at the two banks that were to become Swedbank, she continued to Central Marketing where she worked with developments of loyalty programs and setting up a platform for Brand Management. For the past 10 years, Gitte has been heading Brand Identity at Swedbank and she has been deeply involved in the rebranding into Swedbank in Sweden 2006 followed by merger and rebranding of branch network in Russia, Ukraine and the three Baltic countries. The team that Gitte manages is involved in all major group projects from a brand Identity perspective, such as the development of the new branch concept. The concept was mainly developed in Sweden but has been adapted to the three Baltic markets sharing the same customer service model as well as the same principals for the set up and branding of the branch.