Enrique Tellado Nogueira

CEO EVO Banco Spain

Enrique Tellado Nogueira (Lugo, 1974.) Degree in Economics and Business Studies from C.E.U. San Pablo - Complutense of Madrid.
He expanded his studies at the École Supérieure du Commerce Exterieur in Paris and the London School of Economics.
He has held positions of responsibility since 1998 at the strategic consulting firms McKinsey & Company and Boston Consulting Group.
He joined the banking sector in 2007 where he held various positions of responsibility in the areas of Strategy and Finance. Until 2012, as Chief Financial Officer, he promoted the banking and privatization project of NCG Banco within the framework of the bank restructuring process of the Spanish financial system.
In February 2014, Tellado became CEO of EVO Banco. From his position, he has driven the business model change towards a fully digital bank and has positioned EVO at the forefront of new banking, with the launch of EVO Assistant, the world's first voice assistant in the banking sector.
Currently, and after the purchase of EVO Banco by the Bankinter group, he holds the position of Managing Director.

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