Marco Marazia

CEO and Co-Founder Widiba Italy
Marco Marazia is a Senior Executive with an experience of eighteen years in the innovation and digital transformation of banking and financial services in Italy.

Marco began his career in 1999. He has run three different start-up projects as founder & business leader IntesaTrade, Webank and Widiba. Marco has worked with three of the top five banking groups in Italy namely, Intesa Sanpaolo, BPM and MPS Group.

Marco was the founder and sales and marketing director of Intesa trade, a brokerage company belonging to Intensa Sao Paolo till 2007. In 2008, Marco started working for Webank (BPM group) .

Since 2013, Marco is the founder and head of business and products of Widiba Italy; one of the best practices of innovation in online banking & investing in the country. Widiba is also the winner of EFMA’s Innovation of the month awards in the customer experience category. Their product was designed to create a better reputation among customers and in the banking industry.

Marco holds a bachelor’s degree in economics and financial intermediaries from the Bocconi University. He has also participated in the Efma Digital Banking and Social Media conference.
Currently, Marco Marazia is heading the business and products at Widiba in Italy.
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