Peter Wannemacher

Senior Analyst Forrester Research

Peter serves digital strategy leaders at banks, advising them on how to better win, engage, and retain customers.
He works with bank executives and their digital teams to challenge thinking and lead change in the banking market.
Peter's strategic frameworks help banks prepare for digital disruption and the future of financial services.
He leads Forrester's ongoing digital banking benchmark research, a series of assessments covering companies' online banking, tablet banking, mobile banking, and digital sales efforts.
This includes a recent global mobile banking benchmark that reviewed 53 banks from 18 countries across six continents.
Peter's research reports include "The Digital Banking Imperative," “Bots Aren’t Ready To Be Bankers,” "Millennials Want Financial Advice, With Or Without Humans," and "Assemble Cross-Functional Teams To Achieve Digital Success." In addition to speaking at Forrester Forums and events, Peter has been interviewed by various publications, including The New York Times, American Banker, CNBC, The Wall Street Journal, TechCrunch, and NPR.
Previous Work Experience
Prior to becoming an analyst, Peter was a data researcher at Forrester. In that role, he designed surveys and other research, analyzed consumer data, and developed data models. Peter led the development of Forrester's mobile financial services ROI model and was a key contributor to Forrester's ongoing customer advocacy work.
Peter holds dual M.S. degrees in advertising and applied statistics research from Boston University as well as a B.A. from Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut.