Rod Poole

Chief Change and Business Transformation Officer Standard Bank South Africa
Rod has had extensive experience in the Financial Services industry where he has held several executive positions. His executive experience includes leading People and Culture, Brand and Marketing, Creation and articulation of Future Ready business strategy and Purpose, Business Transformation and change, Real Estate and Strategic Partnerships.

In terms of strategy and business transformation – Rod’s experience is extensive in terms of providing thought leadership and direction in respect of client experience, organizational architecture, organization purpose, platform business development, data monetization, ecosystem value and partnerships, leadership development and coaching, and engineering (IT and Operations). 

Rod is a visionary with a deep curiosity about the world around him – and a real keenness to explore new ideas and opportunities. What stands out about Rod is his integrity, intellect, and emotional maturity coupled with a very active mind and very sound sense of intuition. Rod is at his best when he is at the center of the interplay between people, clients, future business planning, executive leadership and the various aspects of change and neuroscience. Rod has a unique ability to take complex challenges and assimilate them into simple and actionable plans. 

Rod can see possibilities both from a business, team, and individual level. His passion is to enable people to find their sense of purpose and engender in others the confidence to raise the bar on their ability and enable them to have clarity of thought on their purpose so as to unleash their potential and achieve their goals. Following on from his own life experiences, Rod has a deep appreciation of human complexity and has the confidence to engage in conflict situations and provide direct guidance and feedback in an authentic and empathetic manner. 

Rod is consistent in all his engagements whether that be in an individual engagement, with a team or an organizational board – he finds interacting easy and brings energy to discussions. But he is not conventional as he also brings refreshing and insightful individuality to the table. Rod treats people as equals and is not impressionable when it comes to hierarchy. 

Rod has spent many years partnering Chief Executives and executive teams on “future ready” business strategies and then has supported them in their own leadership development in terms of leading and changing organizations. In more recent years Rod has focused on (1) a digital client centric organization evolving into (2) a platform business that provides a range of financial and non-financial services and solutions to clients through (3) partnerships and eco-systems. 

Rod enjoys networking and has established partnerships with MIT, Microsoft, Amazon, Salesforce, Apple, Facebook, Oliver Wyman, Boston Consulting Group, London Business School and various other organizations in the development and execution of business strategy. 

Rod has also been a member of forums such as the International Monetary Committee (IMC), International Monetary Forum (IMF), SIBOS, the Global Innovative 50 forum and London Business School’s Hotspots group focused on the future world of work. Rod has also spent time in San Francisco, New York, Boston, Los Angeles, London and various key African countries - engaging with start-ups, various organizations and participating in conferences and work groups with institutions like the Milken Institute (Los Angeles) , London Business School (London), Insead (Paris - Roger Lehman) and various MIT leaders in Boston. Rod has travelled extensively to the US, UK, South America, Europe, Asia, China, Australia and across Africa. 

Rod has shared and presented the transformation journey of becoming a platform/ecosystem business with various international boards, executive teams across various industries, tech companies, business school forums and commercial conferences, and has also covered the change amidst a global pandemic. 

As can be seen, Rod has diverse experience through being a member of various executive committees, boards and being the executive head and lead for various corporate portfolios and business transformations.