David Faulkner

Managing Director Next Branch Strategies

David Faulkner spent two decades working alongside senior brand, operations and distribution executives at top ten US retail and banking institutions. However, his unique perspective on customer experience was formed touring dozens of Nordstrom Stores with John Nordstrom, the retailer whose name has become synonymous with superior customer service and brand loyalty. Over the next decade, a passion for engineering experiences to drive business objectives informed dozens of innovative store concepts Faulkner launched for Gap, Inc., Bank of America, Wells Fargo and Capital One in more than 9,000 retail locations, producing more than $500 million in revenue and savings.


A sought-after speaker and writer, Faulkner has addressed audiences at major industry conferences and summits such as BAI Retail Delivery, American Banker magazine’ Retail Summit, ICSC, BankersHub and Retail Design Summit. His work has been featured in BAI Strategy, Credit Union Magazine, Retail Construction Magazine, Franchise Update Magazine and Home Remodeling Magazine. Faulkner earned a Masters Degree at Yale University, and received Gap Inc.’s President’s Award, Gap International Store Award, and Capital One’s Circle of Excellence award.