José Vicente

Deputy Manager Millennium BCP (Portugal) Portugal

Deputy Manager in the Marketing Department (Payments and Self-banking Unit)

Responsible for Business and Marketing in Millennium bcp regarding the partnership with The Western Union Company.

Responsible for the SEPA Project/Subsequent developments in Millennium bcp, with responsibilities at the level of Project Manager, Innovation on the strategic planning and implementation levels on a multi-country perspective to prepare the launching of SEPA.

The responsibilities also include, the representation of the Portuguese Banking Community and Millennium bcp in several forums related to payment systems and transaction banking: the European Payments Council and the Euro Banking Association.

Other responsibilities at International level:
1. Chairman of the EBA Criptotechnology Working Group (as of September 2015).
2. Chairman of the EBA Supply Chain Working Group (2014-2015)
3. Member of the Scheme Evolution and Maintenance Working Group of the European Payments Council (as of January 2015).
4. Member of the Instant Payments Task Force at the European Payments Council.
5. Chairman of the sub-group of payment risk manangment experts.

Have also worked abroad and in the International Division of Millennium bcp, with management responsibilities in several business areas, such as Corporate Financing, Treasury, Credit Risk Analysis, Central Bank Reporting, Fiduciary Services for Banks and Companies, and Operations and Payments Division.