Pedro Alvares Ribeiro

General Manager Millennium BCP (Portugal) Portugal
Graduated at Surrey University in Economics Sociology and Statistics. He worked in London in Group Planning, Shell UK In 1985 he joined the team that prepared the launching of BCP. He was Marketing Manager for High Networth Individuals, Marketing Manager for Private Banking, Head of Private Banking -Domestic and International-, and Chief Quality Officer launching the Quality Process at BCP. In 1993 he was appointed Joint Coordinator of Strategic Team that relaunched Banco Banif Banqueros Personales in Spain -a Private Banking Bank -, and became later Director and member of its Board. In 1995 he was appointed Coordinator of the Strategic Team that reorganized and relaunched The Networks of Banco Português do Atlântico and in 1997 he was appointed General Manager of BCP. In November 1996 he was responsible for launching Banco expresso ! Atlântico - an in-store Bank launched from scratch , the first bank in Europe that had branches exclusively in Supermarkets - and was its CEO until 2000. Between 2000 and 2003 he was appointed Vice President of MillenniumBank in Poland, Head of Retail, Head of IT, Direct Banking, and launched from scratch a Small Business Network. Since 2003 he has been one of the Regional Coordinators of the Retail Network in Portugal and between 2011 and 2012 he was appointed Coordinator of the Strategic Team M that outlined with McKinsey the Distribution Strategy of the Bank. Since 2007 he is Chairman of Fundação Cupertino Miranda- Vila Nova de Famalicão. Pedro was born in 1957, is married, has 3 daughters, enjoys helping the community, collects Contemporary Art and 16th/17th Century Furniture.