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2 to 3 April 2019

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Tuesday 02 April 2019

Welcome coffee & registration
Introduction by Carlo Giugovaz & Philippe Van Fraechem
How are bank-fintech engagement models evolving?
08:45 - 08:55
Philippe Van Fraechem
General Manager, North Europe & Worldwide Programme Director
Carlo Giugovaz
Italy & Switzerland Country Manager

- Ten areas Fintechs should consider throughout collaboration
- Open Banking Readiness
- Barriers to successful Fintech collaboration
- Fintech adoption by product category
- Provocative discussion topics
- Polls with participants

Panel with Fintechs
Voice of the Fintechs: how do they perceive the collaboration with banks?
08:55 - 09:20
Eylem Özen Bastürk
Strategy & Business Development Head
Carlo Giugovaz
Supernovae Labs
Founder & CEO
Tashi Gauffin
VP of Commercial
Janina Lieser
VP Digital Strategy & Experience

A few fintechs will debate on their challenges, opportunities and successes in determining market needs, approaching and partnering with banks.

Fintechs are helping banks to become the go-to platform for financial needs
A pragmatic and open approach to all types of partnering: from nurturing our own Fintechs to taking equity stakes and straight partnerships
09:20 - 09:50
Benoit Legrand
ING Bank
Chief Innovation Officer & CEO ING Ventures

- Collaboration with Fintechs is key to the ongoing implementation of ING’s strategy and
to improving the customer experience by making banking personal, instant, relevant and seamless
- Partnerships are a great learning experience; in exchange we offer Fintechs a strong brand, a large customer base and financial expertise
- Becoming the go-to platform for financial needs and becoming part of other platforms

Why do banks partner with Fintechs?
09:50 - 10:20
Dorthe Håhr Dupont
Nordea Ventures
Head of Nordea Ventures and Partnerships CoE, Group Digital

- How Fintechs support banks in realising new business models
- How cultural changes often are required to succeed when partnering with Fintechs
- How partnering with Fintechs can increase competitiveness

Coffee break & networking
e-Estonia: an efficient, secure and transparent ecosystem for a digital journey
e-Estonia: an efficient, secure and transparent ecosystem for a digital journey
10:50 - 11:20
Taavi Rõivas
Estonian Parliament
Former Prime Minister of Estonia & Member of the Estonian Parliament

Some of the best e-solutions that have helped Estonia to become one of the world’s most developed digital societies

Building 1 on 1 connections between customers and their bank
Building 1 on 1 connections between customers and their bank
11:20 - 11:50
Ronald Pieters
SNS Bank
Director, Retail and Advise
Janina Lieser
VP Digital Strategy & Experience

- Flipping the traditional service model on its head
- Empower local customer teams to deliver personalized, proactive banking services
  consistently through any physical and digital channels
- Significantly improve customers’ Net Promoter Scores by providing a more personal, local
  digital experience
- Turn bankers into financial coaches and become a talent magnet
- Develop strong partnerships with fintechs – How de Volksbank/SNS Bank effectively
  partnered with Kony DBX to achieve their vision

Partnering in practice: the learnings, challenges and key success factors in the different phases of a partnership
Partnering in practice: the learnings, challenges and key success factors in the different phases of a partnership
11:50 - 12:20
Bert Dobbelaere
BNP Paribas Fortis
Project Manager
Tashi Gauffin
VP of Commercial

- The integration of account aggregation in BNP Paribas Fortis' Easy Banking App.
- How to leverage each other's expertise to bring mutual business value.
- Inspiring each other: why engagement and a shared view of where banking is heading is
  key in a fruitful partnership. 

Lunch & networking
Igniting change and reimagining solutions jointly with fintechs
Harnessing data through fintech solutions (Pindrop and HighRadius cases)
13:45 - 14:15
Vanessa Colella
CIO of Citi and Head of Citi Ventures and Chief Innovation Officer

- Need to deliver customization at scale: personalized offerings, transparent and
  seamless experiences, recommendations and decision-making support
- New opportunities to adapt bank’s business models through collaborations with
  fintech solutions
- How fintech startups like Betterment and HighRadius are responding to these customer
  needs by building ML-based solutions

Bridging the gap between banks and social applications
Bridging the gap between banks and social applications
14:15 - 14:35
Guy Talmi
Seon M. Ahn
Standard Chartered Bank Korea
Head of Digital Commerce
Korea (South)

- As millennials spend hours a day on social applications, banks face a new challenge: How can they engage with this important segment and become an inseparable part of users’ social and digital lives?
- In this joint presentation, we will share the journey of Standard Chartered in implementing an innovative Social Banking Solution that transforms users’ mobile keyboard into an effective channel for financial services, information, and communication.

Key trends in the Fintech world in 2019
Key trends in the Fintech world in 2019
14:35 - 15:05
Elias Ghanem
Vice President, Global Head of Market Intelligence, Financial Services

How to industrialize effective collaboration between Corporate and Startups
- With better customer centricity and use of emerging technologies, FinTech firms are revitalizing the FS customer journey
- With complementary strengths, FinTechs and incumbents firms enjoy a symbiotic relationship, and FinTechs will most likely fail if they go it alone
- Successful collaboration is contingent upon selection of the best partner and engagement model, as well as the creation of an ecosystem of partners and firms to be ready for future disruption from multinational BigTechs

Coffee break & networking
Workshop: Co-creation workshop: unleash your potential of collaboration
Round tables composed each of 10 participants will brainstorm on several topics such as:
15:45 - 17:00

- How to select and evaluate a fintech for a project
- How to co-work with a fintech
- How to increase probability of successful collaboration         
- How to make “innovation with startups” part of the company culture        
- How to industrialize collaboration
- When or not to invest in a fintech
- Share the outstanding fintech you know
- Open banking

Speed demo by 4 fintechs - Speed demo by 4 banks of apps developed with the help of fintechs
Several banks and fintechs will present their apps during a 7minute demo presentation. Banks and fintechs to be confirmed.
17:00 - 17:15
Eylem Özen Bastürk
Strategy & Business Development Head
Birol Akan Esen
ING Bank
Senior Business Consultant
Eco-system: 2019 version of FinTech Game of Thrones
Eco-system: 2019 version of FinTech Game of Thrones
17:15 - 17:45
Matteo Rizzi
Co-Founder, FinTechStage & Venture Partner

- What makes an hub successful
- New collaboration models
- Stakeholders

Fintech party at the Village

Wednesday 03 April 2019

Welcome coffee & registration
New Eco-systems and Open Innovation: impact on business
Are banks truly leveraging this new paradigm or has it remained at the level of a strategy on a PowerPoint slide?
09:00 - 09:45
Laurent Herbillon
BNP Paribas Bank
Director Open Innovation & Startup Cooperation
David Martin de Nascimento
BBVA Group (BBVA Spain)
Ecosystem Collider
How are banks with a limited budget and resources dealing with fintechs?
How are banks with a limited budget and resources dealing with fintechs?
09:45 - 10:15
Ole Madsen
Spar Nord Bank
Senior Vice President, Communication & Innovation

Spar Nord – a Mid-sized bank as Danish pioneer in fintegration
- How a Mid-sized Danish retail bank has been one of the European trailblazers for corporate venture investment in general and funding of early stage fintechs specifically
- With a stated ambition of becoming "an open platform with a banking license" Spar Nord has co-developed and integrated a number of fintech solutions aimed at both private customers and SMEs

Coffee break & networking
How RBI Elevator Lab Partnered with Pisano for Better Customer Experience
How RBI Elevator Lab Partnered with Pisano for Better Customer Experience
10:45 - 11:05
Ozkan Aykut Demir
Chief Executive Officer
United Kingdom
Istvan Kovacs
Raiffeisen Bank International
Responsible for Fintech Partnerships

- Managing customer experiences across online and offline customer journeys.
- Using technology to create opportunities for more meaningful customer engagement.
- Integrating modern channels into enterprise systems after GDPR.
- Promoting customer-centric culture across your organization.

Omnibot: collaboration between bank and FinTech
Omnibot: collaboration between bank and FinTech
11:05 - 11:35
Luc Truntzler
Directeur Associé
Nicolas Devey
Crédit Agricole Nord de France
Head of Project Digital

- Chatbot, Callbot, Mailbot, SMSbot, Twitterbot, Agencybot, etc.: there is no limit to your imagination and the channel that you want to automate!
- Crédit Agricole will share its experience with "Caro" the Inbenta bot that they first deployed on their website in 2016: the opportunity to discover why a true NLP technology and human resources are both essential to the success of a bot project
- NLP technology (14 years of R&D) already used by more than 150 banks and insurance companies throughout the world

What do other industries do with regard to startups?
Leveraging startups in the airlines industry
11:35 - 12:05
Rogier van Beugen
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
Director Innovation & Venturing

- Why do we work with startups: operational, tactical & strategic startup cooperation
- Getting started: building the network
- Execute: startup cooperation tools
- Seeing startups as long-term suppliers
- Costa, an Eindhoven-based initiative that brings together startups and companies 
  (KLM, KPN, Shell, Philips, AkzoNobel, ING, Thales Nederland, Rabobank, and Unilever)
- Categories: leveraging (Big) Data, seamless travel, ancillary revenues, brand loyalty, etc.

12.05 : a ‘Fintech’ created by a consortium of 12 European banks : a ‘Fintech’ created by a consortium of 12 European banks
12:05 - 12:35
Chantal Van Haute
KBC Bank
Head of Product Management Working Capital Solutions
Maria Del Mar Santana Rollan
Head of Foreign Trade & Risk Management

- Insights and experience on a DLT co-creation project
- Different stages in Collaboration: roadmap from MoU to joint venture company
- Expectations and Commitments of collaboration
- Defining Roles and Responsibilities – how to develop an effective governance
- Issues and lessons learnt when creating a ‘Fintech’ by banks

Lunch & networking
The love story between Banks & Fintechs – Joint presentation
Commercial implementation of blockchain technology at PKO Bank Polski – Durable medium and not only...
14:05 - 14:35
Grzegorz Pawlicki
PKO Bank Polski
Head of Innovation
Pawel Kuskowski
CEO and Co-founder

- Let’s Fintech with PKO Bank Polski’s acceleration program and the story of cooperation with Coinfirm Fintech startup
- The concept of a durable medium in communication with customers and why blockchain technology can help
- Process flow, implementation architecture in practice, benefits for the bank and the customer
- The use of blockchain in other banking processes, including in the area of payments

Digital migration with coupons
14:35 - 15:05
Renata Petrovic
Banco Bradesco
Research & Innovation Superintendent
Thiago Brandão
CEO and Co-founder

How Bradesco has encouraged the use of digital channels through discounts and bonuses in partnership with the startup Cuponeria
- Cuponeria is a Brazilian startup that specializes in discount coupons. It has developed a coupon code validation technology already deployed by the largest retailers in Latin America
- Cuponeria provides more than 1 million coupons a month to more than 5 million users
- More than 2 million customers transformed in 5 months into users of the bank's digital solutions, resulting in big savings for the bank
- Conversion of more 50% of participants into engaged clients with benefits
- Engagement of the bank in several customer journeys through the use of digital coupons
- Partnerships with other brands such as McDonald's, KFC and Burger King

Fintechs are helping to reshape the banking universe
15:05 - 15:35
Itir Aydogan
Garanti BBVA
Digital Strategy Manager
Barış Bayoğlu
Managing Partner

- Revolution in Banking Universe
- Open Innovation@Garanti Bank
- Collaboration with Fintechs
- Open Talent’18 Turkey winner MoneyMo

Coffee break & networking
Efma/Capgemini FinTechVisor Race to the Top 2019
Learn from a Fintech that just acquired a bank
16:05 - 16:35
Benedikt Voller
Head of Europe
Nicolo Fiorio
Banca Sistema
Chief Operating Officer

- Introducing Raisin, winner of the inaugural Efma/Capgemini FinTechVisor Race to the Top 2019
- FinTechVisor Race to the Top is a joint competition launched by Efma and Capgemini that aims to reward start-ups providing cutting-edge solutions in the financial services industry
- It offers an opportunity to start-ups to pitch their solutions to an elite panel of financial institutions and industry influencers.

End of the conference

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Event Manager
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What delegates said at #BankFintech18

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 Didier Ache, Global Account Advisor, Microsoft, USA

What delegates said at #BankFintech18

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Rossano Duranti, Director, Head of Innovation, Banca Mediolanum, Italy

What delegates said at #BankFintech18

“Very interesting and good match between start-ups and banks”

Gerard Varjacques, CEO, Blockfun, USA 

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FinTechVisor Online Contest winner, Raisin, a FinTech startup that just acquired a bank, will join us on stage at Bank+Fintech. Where will you be?

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