World Retail Banking Summit

10 to 11 February 2020

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Making customer centricity the linchpin to create future-ready banks

The digital revolution undeniably brought transparency and efficiency, which led many Fintechs and non-banking players to enter the banking field. This revolution has pushed the financial industry players to evolve at a faster pace than ever before.

Customer-focused strategies have become the ultimate game changer and institutions have transformed their processes and their offerings. The traditional financial industry is discovering new opportunities via partnerships and the introduction of seamless and agile distributions networks and products. The regulatory landscape is embracing technology and the a change in strategy is required for survival in this modern age of banking.

The World Retail Banking Summit will showcase innovative and game-changing case studies from around the globe to help financial institutions identify the right strategy for better customer experience.

The following are a few key topics that will be covered during this two-day event in Dubai on 10 and 11 February 2020:
• Creating infrastructure and social norms around strategies for the future
• Offering compelling digital payment propositions to win the wars of wallet
• Putting together scalable digital propositions for SME clients to gain sustainable advantage
• Forging partnerships to make banks the center of customer attention again
• Implementing platform strategy to create future-ready banks for customers
• Leveraging AI, blockchain and new technologies for customer loyalty and centricity

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