World Retail Banking Summit

10 to 11 February 2020

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Customer-centricity: the essence of successful digital revolution

Almost a decade after the global financial crisis, the banking industry has recovered its vigor and bankers across the globe have a more positive outlook regarding further growth in the industry.

While the digital revolution a few years ago undeniably brought transparency and efficiency, it is a cautionary tale – it has led many of what you can call fintechs or non-banking players to enter the banking game. This is pushing the financial industry to evolve at a faster pace than ever before, and if banks want to stay ahead of the curve, they have to keep in mind the needs and demands of their customers. The need to deliver a satisfactory customer experience is a challenge and all the leading institutions globally have realized that fintech companies are here to enhance the customer experience, rather than challenge them directly.

As banks look to evolve and transform, to discover new opportunities via partnering and introducing new channels and products, the regulatory landscape is a challenge in itself. However, change in strategy is the key for survival in the modern age of banking.

The World Retail Banking Summit will address all the challenges that banks face and will help financial institutions identify the right strategy for better customer experience.

The following are a few key topics that will be covered during this two-day event in Dubai on 10 and 11 February 2020:
• How to protect customers' identity and data while using biometrics and customer voice and facial recognition for digital onboarding?
• How to digitize the entire customer cycle of day-to-day banking?
• How to stay relevant in the value chain while using the full potential of APIs in order to own the customer relationship?
• How to keep customers' trust intact while developing an open banking ecosystem?
• How to smartly integrate artificial intelligence, robotics and machine learning into the lives of the customer?
• How to enhance digital propositions in order to offer painless, secure, consistent and faster customer journeys across all touchpoints?
• How to empower your team in the era of automation in order to develop profitable relationships with customers?
• What are the risks, threats and benefits while shaping the future of frictionless payments for customers?
• From Affluent, SMEs to Millennials and the financially excluded: how to deepen the relationship with existing segments and break into new ones?

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