Retail Banking Summit in Asia

6 to 7 November 2019

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Nurture startup mindset to reinvent banking

Customers and marketplaces in Asia are going through rapid changes. Banks in the region have embraced new technologies and have started to transform themselves. However the industry has to undertake a more aggressive change due to the creeping challenge of non-industry players. More particularly Asian and global technology giants have started stepping on the toes of the banking industry,  which is evident from their recent launches of digital wallets, cross border payment solutions and their aggressive focus on capturing an increasing share of customers’ wallets and imagination.

Investors and markets look more favorably on the technology giants than the banking industry. As banks look to transform, they are increasingly discovering in Fintechs and regulators, their partners to help adopt innovations and increase customer experience as well as engagement.

The Fifth edition of Efma’s Retail Banking Summit in Asia will focus on the key priorities and most pressing challenges faced by the banking industry in the region. Like previous editions, this year’s event will bring together the most successful banks and companies in the retail financial services ecosystem from Asia and across the world.

This event is an opportunity to learn from the top leaders about how they are doing it, and what would be the best strategy to go about it. They will also feature the most disruptive innovations and best practices in digital transformation.

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This is an opportunity to learn from the top leaders about the next digital wave in finance, and if you wish to stay ahead of the curve, book your place now!

For more details, contact:

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General Manager Middle East
+33 1 47 42 69 77

Do you plan to attend with your team?  Good news, discounts apply for group registrations! 
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What delegates said at #EfmaAsia17

"The summit was really highly engaging and certainly gained new insightful knowledges."

Jeffry Mohd Ali, Head Community Distribution, Maybank, Malaysia

What delegates said at #EfmaAsia17

“Awesome. Perfect combination of speakers.”

Satria Adipurba, Senior Analyst, Bank Rakyat Indonesia, Indonesia

What delegates said at #EfmaAsia17

“Excellent, informative. Better than other conferences.”

 Carmelo Cendana, Head, Finance and Corporate Function, Maybank, Singapore 

What delegates said at #EfmaAsia17

“Very interesting topic and good sharing from the speakers.”

 Alisa Thesratanavong, Support team, Bank of Ayudhya, Thailand 

What delegates said at #EfmaAsia17

“Very enjoyable and well organised event.”

Eugene Galligan, Acting GM - Retail Banking Department, Kuwait International Bank, Kuwait

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