Retail Banking Summit in Lebanon

3 July 2019


How to manage transformation for sustainable advantage during challenging times

Rapidly changing customer demands is becoming a challenge for banks in Lebanon and is pushing them to innovate at a faster pace, they are looking to cater to the needs of their customer with tailor-made products and at the same time reducing the cost.

The growth of financial industry in Lebanon is at a moderate speed, the branches still play a vital role when it comes to customer dealing mediums. Few banks in the region are collaborating with non-banking players to keep up with the ever changing dynamic of the consumer demands.

The slowly evolving market is raising the risk for the financial services providers and the banks need to transform in order to remain relevant to the customers and their needs. They need to reach their customers more effectively and cost efficiently, ingrain more automation internally, and offer digital financial services propositions which are comparable to what are being offered by large consumer technology companies or BigTechs.

Efma’s fifth edition of annual Retail Banking Summit in Lebanon will provide a forum for banks where they can learn from leaders in digital finance and discuss the ways in which they can effectively catering to the customer needs both individually as a bank as well as collectively as an industry.

This year’s edition will focus on issues and best practices around following areas:

How to design a wallet proposition attractive enough for millennial customers?
How to use data analytics and new ways of looking at the big data for underwriting and cross selling opportunities?
How to create a payments eco-system hospitable for cashless society?
What are the key ingredients of end-to-end digital onboarding process and what needs to be done to achieve it?
How to create eco-systems of the future in partnership with new players and Fintechs?
What will be the role of branch in the future and how to remodel physical distribution to win market share as well as hearts of customers?
How to build a digital future around customer needs?

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What delegates said at #EfmaBeirut18

"Efma summits are getting better every year, bringing together big players from the market in addition to regional and international players."

Krystell Jaber, Head of Retail Communication and Digital, Retail Banking, Blom Bank, Lebanon

What delegates said at #EfmaBeirut18

“It is a useful event with many information. You can get ideas for company and how to adapt with newst technologies and market needs.”

Michel Kiwan, Head of Issuing Unit, Banque Libano-Francaise, Lebanon

What delegates said at #EfmaBeirut18

“It is an important event because it focuses on the latest digital tech.”

Khalil Baghdadi, Head of Programming and Development Unit, North Africa Commercial Bank, Lebanon 

What delegates said at #EfmaBeirut18

“It was a good overall event with interesting topics”

 Ronald Zirka, Director of Marketing Division, BLF, Lebanon

What delegates said at #EfmaBeirut18

“It was an interesting topic in which transferring banking sector into digital sector.”

Rasha Sleiman, Credit Officer / SME, Fransbank, Lebanon

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