World Retail Banking Summit

12 to 13 February 2019

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From digital transformation to value creation

Customers, financial industry ecosystem and marketplaces are going through rapid changes. Banks have embraced new technologies and have started to transform themselves. They are putting the needs of the customers at the forefront, all the while keeping in mind the dynamic multifaceted challenges and opportunity that youthful demographic are posing. However the industry has to undertake a more aggressive change due to the creeping challenge of non-industry players, more particularly global technology giants have started stepping on the toes of the banking industry, which is evident from their recent launches of products and solutions and their aggressive focus on capturing an increasing share of customers’ wallets and imagination. Investors and markets look more favorably on the technology giants than the banking industry.

As banks look to transform, they are discovering new opportunities through collaboration, introducing new products, services and experiences for their customers. The evolving need to transform in a rigorous regulatory landscape is a challenge in its self.

However, the change in strategy is the key for survival in the modern age of banking. It has become clear that banks need to focus on harnessing skill sets of their workforce rather than focusing on pooling in every technology that comes their way.

This year fifth edition of Efma Retail Banking Summit in Middle East rebranded as Efma World Retail Banking Summit will delve deeper into the latest trends, innovations and will showcase some of the industry leaders who have set examples for others to follow. There will be discussions on the importance of collaboration, integration and understanding & meeting customer needs. Like previous editions, this year’s event will bring together the most successful banks and companies in the retail financial services ecosystem across the world.

This year’s edition will also feature the most disruptive innovations and best practices in digital transformation. Moreover, there will be discussions on Open Banking, customer experience, cyber security, affluent banking, data integration, transforming payment landscape, new entrants in the ecosystem and much more, below you can find some broad areas which will be covered during the summit;

 Finding the holy grail of data strategy: Charting the path towards success whilst dealing with the issues of big data, cyber security, analytics and behavioral data;
 Artificial intelligence, robotics and machine learning: Making sense of tomorrow’s world for banks;
 Block-chain, crypto-currencies and the promise of tokenization: Finding and monetizing the value in distributed ledgers;
 Internet of all things, voice, virtual reality et al: How to prepare banks for the platforms and channels of tomorrow whilst dealing with the predominance of mobile today?
 Open banking, APIs, Fintechs and the challenge of interfacing with rest of the world;
 From Affluent, SMEs to Millennials and the financially excluded: How to deepen the relationship with existing segments and break into new ones?
 People: How to update the workforce with skills, mindset and culture as banks transform their infrastructure and platforms?
 Distribution and Design: How to create an experience and space for interaction with banking customers comparable to retail leaders?
 Mobile, Wallets and Online Payments: What are the most compelling win-back strategies?

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Program Director, General Manager Middle East
+33 1 47 42 69 77


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What delegates said at #EfmaDubai17

"It gave a very good insight on where the banks are coming in the innovation arena."

Mike Sophie, Head of Retail - Retail Banking Strategic Business Unit, MCB, Mauritius 

What delegates said at #EfmaDubai17

"Overall very good quality, some of the presentations were truly inspiring.  "

David Pisar, Risk model specialist, CSOB Ceskoslovenska Obchodni Banka, Czech Republic

What delegates said at #EfmaDubai17

"The mixture of speakers is very well balanced. Major topics were very interesting. It helped me review my banks strategy. "

Ronald Zirka, Director of Marketing and Retail, Banque Libano-Française, Lebanon

What delegates said at #EfmaDubai17

"Very inspiring. "

Makoto Shibata, Principal Analyst & Head of Global Innovation Team, Digital Innovation Division, Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Japan

What delegates said at #EfmaDubai17

"Very good. "

Emmanuel Methivier, Chief Executive Officer, Credit Agricole, France

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