Affluent and Private Banking Summit

13 to 14 June 2018

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Creating a high-value banking experience for affluent customers

Both the affluent and private banking sectors will continue to grow in 2018, spurred by the rise in the number of technologies that enable banks to deliver the kind of customized and value-added services and experiences wealthy customers demand.

To capitalize on this predicted growth, banks will have to develop new business models to ensure they can cater to the needs of existing and potential affluent and private banking customers, while operating sustainably. Set to take place on 13-14 June 2018 in Paris, Efma’s Affluent and Private Banking Summit will provide industry players will all of the knowledge and expertise they need to create the strategies that will help them to achieve these goals.

Delegates at the event will use case study presentations, breakout sessions and panels to discuss key topics such as: 

Digital, data, automation and new entrants

Multichannel and digital: applying learnings from behavioral finance in digital channels
Fintechs and the rise of robo-advisors: should banks partner with fintechs, or do it from scratch
Personalization: increasing customization calls for banks to redefine the value proposition for high-value customers

Business models for an evolving market

How new entrants impact profitability and intensify competition among traditional players
Revamping the value proposition of wealth managers
Decoupling advisory and products: how automated advisory services affect the own-channel distribution model
Changing the business model
Overlap with SME banking: cross-lead generation, customer acquisition
MiFID 2: getting ready to do business under the new Markets in Financial Instruments Directive

And there's more... Increased knowledge & networking opportunities

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Get the most out of your time at Affluent & Private Banking Summit with the SME Banking Summit taking place in parallel, at the same venue! A chance to network more and learn about the benefits of viewing SME business owners as private and affluent banking customers.
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