Retail Banking Summit in Middle East

13 February 2018

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Fix the digital! How leaders are reimagining customer experience, data, sales processes and collaboration to succeed in their transformation journey!

Customers, governments, regulators and stakeholders are pushing for change in the region. The rapidly changing economy, digital landscape, customer preferences and the technology are demanding the financial industry in the region to transform itself; in order to become more relevant, inclusive and transparent. However legacy issues and old habits are still a drag while nimble technology giants are increasingly creeping into the turf of banks without having to comply with existing or new regulations.

In this brave new world of major change where big data; analytics; digital wallet propositions by non-traditional players; new distributive reach of non-banks; and the push towards collaborative effort pose both big opportunities and huge challenges to the banks.

Efma is bringing the fourth edition of its Retail Banking Summit in Middle East, where you can gather all the industry knowledge and find out ways to overcome the challenges and learn to forge the way forward towards success.

This year’s conference will deal with these issues and look at the successful models within and outside the region to chart the way forward towards sustainable and profitable transformation in the banks and the banking industry. The key themes and the successful models which will be discussed during this year’s summit will revolve around following areas:

Credit risk and customer data and analytics: How to reinvent the old business while dealing with new challenges? 
 How to use data analytics and new ways of looking at the big data for underwriting and cross selling opportunities?
 How to use and leverage credit and behavioral data from various sources to make profitable decisions?
 How to win in the brave new world of credit bureau and how to deal with the issues related to credit leveraging?
 How to take advantage of scoring and analytics to offer instant gratification to the customer?

Payments: How banks can defend their old turf while managing new complexities? 
 Digital wallets: where is the business case and revenue and model for bank wallet?
 How to design a wallet proposition attractive enough for millennial customers?
 Are new regulations and added legislations facilitating or obstructing seamless integration across the payments landscape and within the organisation?
 How to create a payments eco-system hospitable for cashless society?

Distribution: Building affection, mindshare and omnipresence without losing trust and money 
 What will be the role of branch in the future and how to remodel physical distribution to win market share as well as hearts of customers?
 What is on the table in the digital only proposition and how to win in the millennial customers’ world?
 How to create and sustain an advisory and wealth management business in the region while changing the behavior of customer towards wealth products?  

Open banking: How to create collaborative intra-institution and market wide collaborative eco-systems? 
 How to create eco-systems of the future in partnership with new players and Fintechs?
 Where are the success models in Fintech eco-systems?
 How to build a digital future around customer needs? 

This event is an opportunity to learn from the top leaders about the next digital wave in finance, and if you wish to stay ahead of the curve, book your place now!


For more details, contact:

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   Event Manager
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What delegates said at #EfmaDubai17

"Great event, some very good presentations."

Ibrahim Iqbal, Senior Vice President, Head of Customer Innovation, Dubai Islamic Bank, United Arab Emirates

What delegates said at #EfmaDubai17

"Very well organized. Great panel and speakers."

Harish Gurpur, Vice President, Head of PRB Sales & Distribution, Emirates NBD, United Arab Emirates

What delegates said at #EfmaDubai17

"Very professional & very interesting speakers, very valuable."

Arno von Helden, Head: Forex Product, CIB Global Markets, Standard Bank Group, South Africa


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