Retail Banking Summit in Asia 2017

8 to 9 November 2017

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Successful Banking Model in Rapidly Changing Dynamics

Banks across the globe have caught up in a whirlwind of change, the exceptional growth they are experiencing over the last decade has been undersized by a number of factors – from increased regulatory pressures and stressed assets, through to the changing expectations of customers and the emergence of a new breed of competitors, such as fintechs and other industry players.

Today's clients and customers need more interactive, convenient, easy and secured banking to meet their high expectations. Moreover, the advancement of technologies such as fingerprint or voice, video, chatbots have become necessary tools to fulfill customer satisfaction

Banking industry of Asia Pacific is no exception to this fact. However, according to the recent study conducted by Efma shows that banks in the region understand if they need to succeed against such challenging backdrop, they need to put forward a renewed focus on their digital transformation efforts in order to drive innovation, create more effective distribution costs and turn the challenges presented by fintech into opportunities.

As banks are inclining towards digital space and digital platforms are becoming major deliver channels it is inevitable that banks will face series of new challenges. It will also to note that how banks will respond to new challenges such as Cyber security and regulatory compliance in order to protect data and customers.

The third series of Efma’s Retail Banking Summit in Asia 2017 which has become a flagship annual gathering for Asian Bankers will cover all these topics and much more. The summit will take a look at how pioneering banks across Asia Pacific are succeeding in these areas and embracing the latest technology advances to make positive changes to the way they run their businesses and provide services to their customers.

International attendees at this event will discuss the solutions that they have put in place in each of these areas. Along with hearing from speakers about customer service robot advisors to open banking API platforms and social gaming concepts – this summit will be showcasing leading banks from the region and across the world that are introducing innovative new services to boost customer engagement. Participants will be able to ask specific questions during panel discussions so that they can gain greater insights into the details of the topics that matter the most.

It is highly important to note that the summit is structured as an exclusive event with select invitees only so that participants can interact with their peers more effectively and develop connections that can help grow their business. To reserve your place at the table and your opportunity to gather new ideas that can actually help you to run your business better, sign up for the summit as soon as possible, as the number of places are limited.

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What delegates said at #EfmaAsia17

"Thank You for the arrangement. It's really a good event."

Chatrudee  Ngamvalairatt, EVP Customer Centric Strategy, Corporate Strategy and  Planning Group , Bank of Ayudhya PCL, Thailand

What delegates said at #EfmaAsia17

"Thank you so much for the Efma invitation. We did learn a lot and we look forward to getting the presentation materials."

Teresita Uy-Sebastian, SVP, Philippine National Bank, Philippine 

What delegates said at #EfmaAsia17

"It was a pleasure to present at the Efma summit in Singapore last week. Great audience and organization - well done! I am looking forward to our  collaboration in 2018."

Miljan Stamenkovic, Regional Sales Director, Backbase, Netherland


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