Insurance Summit 2016

9 to 10 June 2016

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How to embrace the sector's new challenges

Companies in the insurance industry are actively embracing new challenges, making the sector more dynamic than ever. Changes are everywhere, with demographic trends, evolving consumer behaviours, technology advancements and increasing competition all front of mind for decision makers in this field. Operational efficiency is also becoming increasingly important in the low interest rate environment, and further changes are being brought about by new regulations, such as the Insurance Mediation Directive and its potential impact on distribution channels.

The proliferating number of insurance technology companies are also contributing to the mind-boggling explosion of new products, services, business models and new entrants.

Efma’s Insurance Summit will explore how insurance companies can develop new lines, grow their business and adapt to evolving customer behaviours and expectations.

The event will be of particular interest to senior executives involved in distribution, digital channels, transformation, business development, innovation, strategy and more. Attendees will hear from a number of respected industry figures, who will take the stage to share in-depth presentations on their processes, as well as new players who will explain how they intend to challenge the incumbents. Delegates will also have the chance to network with peers and converse about some of the biggest issues facing the industry today.

Topics of discussion at the Insurance Summit will include:
The importance of traditional channels such as agents, brokers, direct and bank assurance
How insurers can best use leads generated through direct marketing, P2P, social networks and aggregators
How will digital continue to disrupt the insurance sector and how do insurers react? From the internet of things to telematics and big data
How to best combine the channels in a multi-access environment
The impact of new regulation on distribution

Study presentations at the Insurance Summit
Digitisation of insurance distribution, by Efma and Roland Berger Strategy Consultants
World Insurance Report, by Efma and Capgemini Global Financial Services

Efma - Accenture Innovation in Insurance Awards Ceremony

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I3 - Innovation in Insurance initiative
This is a joint initiative of Efma and Accenture, the culmination of months of work for the dedicated web portal launched on 20 April 2016, which displays the innovations submitted by insurance companies from 5 continents, in distribution and marketing. Go to the portal on

I3 - Innovation in Insurance Awards Ceremony
We have the pleasure to invite all Insurance Summit participants and speakers to an exclusive ceremony on the evening of 9 June, during which we will celebrate the first Innovation in Insurance Awards. By attending this event, you will learn about the industry’s challenges and hear from many respected figures. In a relaxed atmosphere you will be part of a community of top senior insurers specialised in distribution channels, transformation, business development, innovation, strategy and more. Check this out

The Awards Ceremony programme:
18.00 Efma-Accenture Innovation in Insurance Awards Cocktail
18.30 Introduction to the 2016 Awards Ceremony - Edwin Van der Ouderaa - Accenture, Piercarlo Gera - Accenture & Vincent Bastid - Efma
18.40 2016 top trends in insurance - Jean François Gasc- Accenture
19.00 Claims Management Award 2016
19.20 Best Disruptive Product or Service Award 2016
19.40 Customer Experience & Engagement Award 2016
20.00 Main course break
21.00 Luis Villa - Fjord
21.20 Digital & Omnichannel Distribution Award 2016
21.40 Global Innovator Award 2016
22.00 Closing remarks Vincent Bastid - Efma, Lukas Dzuroska - Efma & Piercarlo Gera - Accenture
22.10 Closing Ceremony Cocktail


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