SME Summit 2016

17 to 18 March 2016

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A new era in SME banking

First held in 2004, the annual Efma SME Summit has become the leading annual event on this topic in the European marketplace. The 2016 conference will take place in Berlin next March, following the success of the April 2015 conference, which was attended by more than 100 delegates from over 25 countries in Madrid.

The conference will focus on the core challenges and opportunities faced by small and medium-sized organisations operating in the retail banking sector.

Key topics covered at the conference will include:
New approaches to engage entrepreneurs, startups and fintechs in SME banking
Digitisation: how to reduce cost & improve efficiency through operational excellence & automation
How to improve customer acquisition and retention in your institution, and develop new sales and marketing techniques
Exploring potential value-added services for the SME banking sector, such as big data projects and consultancy
Developing relationship management models for the new era
Outlining new lending models and approaches to risk management

Why should you attend this event?
Enjoy dedicated sessions on a range of topics critical to the future success of SME banking
Get the preview of the first best-in-class SME AppsBank portal with an impressive collection of applications
Get case studies on innovation in SME banking from BBVA, Nedbank and Idea Bank
Take advantage of the opportunity to visit Deutsche Bank’sLabs Berlin & Q110 branch
Check your SME customer-centricity in a special roundtable discussion devoted to this topic with members of the Efma SME council

First best-in-class SME AppsBank portal launched at the SME Summit 2016

The SME AppsBank portal is a brand new joint initiative from Efma and SAP. It is the first online portal dedicated to banks for their SME business. The SME AppsBank portal will become a showcase for the apps created by banks to deliver financial services to the SME market. This disruptive initiative is based on 3 pillars:

Find out about worldwide SME AppsBank portal
The SME AppsBank portal enables you to view apps posted by worldwide banks and gain global peer recognition by being listed in the library. Banks and Fintechs can start posting their initiatives as of 17 March 2016, until 31 December 2016 to enter the 1st awards edition. Create your app and simply post it on the portal, thanks to our online form.

Discover a complete development environment
The platform provides cutting edge tools and technology such as API, connectors, guidelines and documents for you to improve existing apps or to build your app from scratch. Do not forget the submission deadline, you only have 9 months to build your next killer app!

Enter the competition and get recognized during the 2017 Awards Ceremony
A committee of recognised experts will discern the award to the world’s best SME AppsBank portal. The awards will be presented during the ceremony which will take place during the 2017 Efma SME Summit. Post your apps now to boost your chances of winning the award and be part of the top ranked SME banking service providers!


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