Mobile Banking and Digital Wallet Summit

23 to 24 February 2017

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Embracing change in wallet and personal finance management

As consumers turn to digital channels for their payment, wallet and personal finance management, adapting to this important change brings challenges and opportunities for banks. The Efma Mobile Banking and Digital Wallet Summit brings together industry executives and experts to explore how they can take advantage of these new trends and develop the products and services demanded by a new generation of tech-savvy customers.

Hosted in Barcelona, the Mobile Banking and Digital Wallet Summit will provide two days of insight, discussion, networking and knowledge-sharing, with fresh perspectives and in-depth explorations on the key trends that are driving mobile banking and digital wallet.

The summit will explore the answers to key questions:
• What changes does the migration to mobile wallet bring for consumers, merchants, P2P & others?
How should providers manage their accounts, loyalty programmes and other services?

Dedicated sessions will focus on hot topics including:

Now that Europe has killed the interchange, which substitution strategy could bring back some attractiveness to issuing?
Are merchants willing to pay more, and for which value added services?
Examples of some of the best practices used around the world

Mobile payment P2P
Mobile payment P2P is struggling to take off in Europe, while Asians and Africans use it in many countries
A review of the initiatives, successes and failures, and teachings from mature economies

Mobile wallet at brick and mortar merchants
Is the emergence of apps such as ApplePay just an incremental evolution, or can we expect changes in the business model?

Digital wallet
Added value services beyond the basic payment
Digital ID, cybersecurity, data and its monetisation

Moreover, Efma has partnered with experts from the digital wallet world to bring studies and reports that cover new initiatives, new players’ predictions on the next digital wave in finance and much more.
Be the first to be presented and have your questions answered at this event:

• Mobile banking - digital banks: Business model and impact by Efma and Wavestone
Frictionless payments & wallet by Efma and A.T. Kearney

Book your place now and join us in Barcelona on 23 and 24 February 2017 to discuss the latest trends in mobile banking and digital wallet, discover successful strategies, and network with industry experts!


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