Banks of the Future in Africa

17 to 18 February 2016

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Banks of the Future in Africa Summit will be held for the second successive year in Johannesburg on 17-18 February 2016. Efma has successfully met the challenge of creating the benchmark event for retail banks in Africa. No other conference on the African continent offers such a panel of speakers, all senior bank executives. No sponsors, no service providers and no consultants will be participating, as the event is reserved for bankers, thereby ensuring high-level exchanges between peers on the best ways of building retail financial services in each African region or at the level of the continent.

All current hot topics, whether strategic or more practical, will be on the agenda, with the focus on retail financial services for individuals, families, micro-enterprises and SMEs. Physical and mobile strategies will be reviewed and the most noteworthy innovations will be analysed in detail.

Get the vibe of last year's Pan-African Summit in Johannesburg with:

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The 2015 event brochure
The best moments, captured in photos
The best comments, shared on Twitter using #EfmaBankingAfrica

What delegates said about #EfmaBankingAfrica

"Well organised, good networking opportunity and also brainstorming and debates on important topics"

What delegates said about #EfmaBankingAfrica

"Very interesting to have an overview of how other banks in the region are responding to the changing customer needs and behaviour"

What delegates said about #EfmaBankingAfrica

"New perspective for retail banking in Africa, amazing experience and visit of Standard bank branches"

What delegates said about #EfmaBankingAfrica

"Impressive international representation, fantastic to have consultants open the conference, to explain the topics with a holistic view"

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