Digital Banking and Social Media

25 to 27 March 2015


Digital Channels and Social Media conference at the Efma Distribution Summit

Humanising digital channels

Today’s banks undoubtedly recognise the importance of digital channels, but how many are actually getting their digital strategy right?

In this conference we highlight the essential aspects of an effective digital strategy, including simplification and the ability to deliver added value by creating the all-important human touch. We also hear a number of different perspectives on whether every product and transaction can be effectively digitised.

We also find out why many banks are yet to exploit the full potential of social media and discover some of the advancements that the most innovative banks are making in this regard.

Customer engagement: How can banks maintain the all-important human touch across their digital channels?

The new ecosystem: What do banks need to do to succeed in an environment that is saturated with new players from outside the industry? What makes a successful ecosystem? What are the challenges of collaborating with other organisations?

Mobile: How can banks ensure they leverage the best innovations in mobile banking? What is the future of mobile banking?

Social media: Which banks have successfully embraced social media, and what can be learned from them? Can social media improve the customer experience? How can mobile and social media be integrated into the retail banking environment?

A better experience: What is key to providing customers with a seamless, fully integrated and uniform experience across all channels?
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