Insurance Distribution

25 to 26 March 2015


Insurance Distribution conference at the Efma Distribution Summit

The insurance revolution

As part of its three-day Distribution Summit, Efma is delighted to introduce a two-day conference on ‘Insurance Distribution’. A range of experienced international speakers will look at different tools and strategies designed to increase the productivity and profitability of insurers.

As more and more customers favour digital channels, insurers are facing an evolution in products, distribution and underwriting. In this conference we take a look at this evolution and its impact on pricing and purchasing. We find out how the Internet of Things is lending itself to the sector and how traditional players should adapt. We also investigate how the leading companies in the market are evolving more traditional channels to make them more relevant, modern and competitive.

New innovations: What channels are insurers finding most effective? How can these channels be leveraged more successfully?

Channel integration: What do insurers need to do to better integrate their channels?

The evolving needs of the customer: How are today’s insurance customers different from in the past? How can new technologies be used to enhance the customer experience?
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