Innovation Awards 2015

28 October 2015

3rd Edition of The Efma Accenture Innovation Awards

Efma and Accenture launched this initiative with the aim to spread out and share worldwide best practices in the retail banking distribution and marketing arena.

An essential component of the programme is the Innovation Portal: This portal showcases innovations from all over the world, in different categories.

Innovations can be searched by category, keyword, date, country or institution. The portal contains a detailed description of each innovation: the reasons behind it, what makes it unique, how it has been implemented, how it was organised and the results achieved to date. Each innovation is accompanied by a series of relevant documents.

Efma and Accenture are able to draw upon their international network of correspondents and associates to track innovations in retail financial services worldwide. Banks are then approached by Efma and asked to fill in standardised forms that are put online.

We thank our partner

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