Operational Efficiency

5 to 6 March 2015


Operational excellence in a new operating landscape

While achieving operational efficiency has always been front of mind for retail financial services organisations, it has taken on a renewed importance as new operating models come to the fore.

Indeed, the move towards digitisation by many banks will have a dramatic impact on their future profitability and success: when done correctly, banks can achieve major gains in terms of cost efficiency, customer centricity and streamlined processes.

Building on the success of last year’s event, Efma’s 2015 Operational Efficiency Conference will tackle all of these issues and more, all under one roof.

Benefitting from an exciting new format, the conference will feature presentations from the biggest names in the industry covering topics including:


Cyber security


Customer insight

There will be a two-hour workshop session with BCG and a number of extended case study sessions from Santander, BBVA and Commonwealth Bank of Australia. There will also be numerous networking opportunities and a wide range of sessions designed to promote participation and collaboration.

Get the feel of the last Operational Efficiency conference


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