Mortgage Lending

3 to 4 June 2014

Mortgage Lending conference at the Efma Credit and Savings Summit

A brave new outlook for the housing market

New rules, business models and challenges in a post-crisis context

Mortgage lending still plays a key role in the economies of countries worldwide. However, it also poses some strong challenges, which have been emphasised by the financial and sovereign debt crisis. This was caused by factors such as risky and short-term mortgage credit contracts, as well as securisation. The aftermath of the crisis has shown that the level of mortgage lending not only affects individual households and banks but also the stability of the whole financial system (and housing finance in particular).

As part of its two-day Credit and Savings event, Efma is delighted to be holding a special conference focusing on ‘Mortgage lending’. The conference will start with a plenary session looking at the wider aspects of credit and savings. Credit and savings strategies are becoming closely linked in retail banking as players look for solutions to their current funding and liquidity challenges. During this session, senior retail banking executives will give their vision of the credit and savings markets and of the main challenges and opportunities. It will include presentations on topics such as liquidity, big data, operational efficiency, and new customer-centric approaches.

The Mortgage Lending conference will then focus on some specific issues:

Key questions

New models: What are the most effective post-crisis models to have emerged in both European and non-European countries?

Mortgage Credit Directive: How will the new regulations affect mortgage lenders and product diversity? How can lenders anticipate and prepare for the forthcoming changes?

Customer expectations: How can mortgage lenders meet customer needs through new distribution channels and the customisation of processes and products?

Hot topics

Other topics covered during the conference will include:

Liquidity and refunding

Risk management, debt restructuring and responsible lending

The digitisation of mortgage credit propositions and procedures