20 March 2014

e-Commerce at the Efma Distribution Summit

The rise of e-commerce in retail banks:

Embracing growth across mobile, online and social media


Global e-commerce is rapidly becoming one of the strongest activities in the retail banking environment, with an annual increase in sales of 13% over the past five years. However, the role of banks does not have to be limited to payments and can be increased through loyalty, personalisation and big data expertise.

This growth in e-commerce represents a great opportunity for those banks that are able to build more personal relationships with customers and closer partnerships with retailers. New technologies and security are also critical factors in supporting the instant 24/7 e-commerce transaction requirements of retailers and shoppers.

As part of its three-day Distribution Summit, Efma is delighted to introduce a special one-day conference on ‘e-Commerce’. This is designed to help banks embrace the opportunities available in e-commerce and navigate their way around the emerging multichannel retail shopping boom. International speakers from both retailers and banks will provide their own vision of the opportunities, ranging from local market customisation to international e-commerce fulfilment.

Key questions

Building for the future: how is the global digital commerce eco-system developing and how can your bank achieve growth through e-commerce?

e-Commerce is more than e-payments: how can banks define their role in the value chain?

The importance of ‘big data’: how can your bank collect and use information more intelligently to enable it to emerge as one of the winners in e-commerce?

Hot topics

Here are a few other topics that will be covered during the conference:

Driving sales by personalising the customer experience

Building closer partnerships with merchants to enhance engagement and experiences

Benchmarking your future strategy for growth
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