Digital Banking and Social Media

18 to 20 March 2014

Digital Banking and Social Media conference at the Efma Distribution Summit

The digitisation of retail banking

Decision time: move forward or stagnate

Online and mobile channels are gathering momentum and pose a tremendous challenge for retail banks. Unless they rise to this challenge and become more agile and responsive, they could become increasingly less relevant to many customers. Amongst more progressive banks, the race to develop the best services has already begun.

Digitisation is now a necessity. Customers expect to receive a more responsive and seamless service across all channels. If banks fail to exploit the opportunities offered by digital channels, they risk losing out to new entrants with fewer inhibitions.

As part of its three-day Distribution Summit, Efma is delighted to introduce a special conference on ‘Digital banking and social media’. A range of industry experts will explain the exciting new possibilities presented by digitisation. The conference also includes round table discussions on the new challenges facing banks. Join us to explore the best ways to engage and communicate with customers across all channels, both now and in the future.

Key questions

Mobile: how can banks take advantage of the latest developments in mobile banking (e.g. pps, digital wallets, geolocation and voice recognition)? Is mobile an effective sales channel?

Social media: how can social networks be used to engage customers and offer 24/7 support? How can mobile and social media be integrated into the retail banking environment? Can Facebook and Twitter be used for sales and transactions?

Other digital channels: how can online sales be improved? How can digitisation transform the branch experience?

Hot topics

Other topics covered during the conference include:

Self-service and authentication developments

The simplification of online banking processes

Digital personalisation

Remote personal advisors

Using gamification to enhance the customer experience

Online fraud prevention

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