Affluent and Private Banking

12 to 14 November 2014

Developing profitable new sales and service models

Efma’s Affluent Banking Survey in 2013 clearly showed that the affluent banking segment is growing faster and is more profitable than mass retail banking for the majority of retail financial services providers. However, despite this, banks are faced with a number of challenges that are hindering their ability to leverage this valuable segment.

On the wealth management side of our industry, Private Bankers must come to terms with the tectonic shift in the market that has occurred thanks to revolutionary changes in regulations, automatic data exchanges and temporary tax amnesties. They need to achieve greater agility and efficiency in the way they work, all while meeting the needs of today’s demanding customers.

These customers - the new generation of high net worth clients - are tech-savvy, hands-on managers, come from new geographies and expect instant access to their finances. Private Bankers must adapt their services for these customers and re-think their fee structures and pricing models in order to stay profitable.

Efma’s three-day Affluent and Private Banking event in Brussels will address all of these issues and more - helping all players in the industry to find new strategies for success in today’s challenging operating environment.

The two conferences that make up this event are as follows:

Affluent Banking, 12-13 November 2014

Private Banking, 13-14 November 2014

Key questions:

How banks can acquire and retain customers more effectively? How can banks strengthen their relationship management strategy? What are the most innovative products and services for mass affluent customers? What is the role of the branch? How can banks reward loyalty and encourage customer recommendation?

What needs to be done to succeed with the new customer servicing and relationship management model? How can banks effectively mix physical and remote channel delivery? What are the success stories in remote relationship management?

What is the role of the sales force? What makes for the effective training, motivation and reward of affluent relationship managers? What is the impact of digitisation on the sales and service model for affluent customers?

How can banks better segment affluent customers? What are the modern best practices? How effective are physiographic and non-traditional segmentation?

Is off-shore private banking still alive? How do off-shore private banks redesign their selling propositions and strategies in a world of automatic data exchanges?

What are the most effective fee structures to re-establish a profitable business model? Should private banks charge for extra services including financial advice, legal, tax, inheritance, real estate, art collection, vineyards, yachts and concierge services?

How is regulation impacting and reshaping our industry?

How do major private banking centres compete with each other? What are the pros and cons of Switzerland, London, Luxembourg, or Singapore?

How can banks win the battle for talent? What are the most effective incentive schemes?
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