42nd Efma Congress - Multidistribution

16 to 17 October 2014

The multidistribution conundrum

More customers than ever before are choosing to interact with their bank via digital channels rather than going into their local branch. To respond to this trend, banks recognise that they must develop new channel delivery strategies and find other ways of making their existing physical branch networks viable. Some have made progress, but many have work to do if they are to call themselves true multidistribution leaders.

This year’s Efma Congress seeks to address the impact of digitisation and help banks deliver an integrated customer experience across all channels. Join us and leading industry figures with unparalleled experience in this area as we exchange ideas, discuss best practices, and map out the future of multidistribution.

Hot topics on the agenda include:

The impact of digitisation and how to prepare for it

Developing omnichannel capability and a transformation roadmap

Integrating the branch with other channels

Understanding the impact of mobile

Integrating human and digital

Providing simplicity and flexibility across all channels

Developing appropriate staff skill sets for each distribution channel

New channel performance management measures

Key questions

How do you build the necessary skills and capability to offer customers an omnichannel experience? It will become increasingly important to offer a seamless delivery of financial products and services across all distribution channels, but most banks are many years away from achieving this.

What will be the main impact of digitisation and where should banks focus their main efforts in order to capitalise on this? There is little doubt that digitisation will bring about major changes in retail banking distribution but the key issue is determining where it will have the biggest impact in terms of distribution delivery

How do we offer more convenience and flexibility to customers across all channels? Banks are looking to simplify distribution processes to make it easier and simpler for customers to interact with them but achieving this is a complicated and difficult process.

All banks are looking to become more efficient and profitable but what are the best new ways of measuring channel performance management? It will be increasingly important to have the right performance measures for each distribution channel and integrated cross-company means of measuring the customer experience and evaluating internal efficiency and overall performance.
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