Branch Banking

18 to 20 March 2014

Branch Banking conference at the Efma Distribution Summit

The Future of Branch Banking: Adapting the branch to meet changing customer behaviour

The future of branch banking is clouded with uncertainty. In some countries, the branch is still at the heart of the distribution model, whereas in others, it is no longer the principal delivery channel. To ensure their future in retail banking, branches must be adapted to meet new needs. These include the need to play an integral role in a multichannel or omnichannel strategy, in order to meet increasing customer demands for ‘anywhere, anytime’ banking.

This could involve a change in the format and size of individual branches. It could also mean the increasing digitisation of branches, with more self-service capabilities. Ultimately, the customer experience in the branch needs to be not only more memorable and convenient, but also easier and quicker.

As part of its three-day Distribution Summit, Efma is delighted to introduce a special conference on ‘Branch banking’. A range of experienced international speakers will explore new opportunities for strengthening the branch network so that it becomes more versatile, attractive and productive, rather than just meeting the needs of low-value customers.

Key questions

Reinventing the branch: how can the branch become a more powerful, yet cost-effective channel that meets the changing needs of modern customers?

Digitisation: how can the branch operating model be transformed through digitisation and self-service?

Branch employees: should banks be changing tellers into sellers? How will the role of the relationship manager evolve in the future?

Hot topics

Other topics covered during the conference include:

Innovation: the role of labs in testing new bank branch technologies and services

The potential for multisensory branches

Developing new opportunities by working with partners

Branches in retail stores

The use of finger vein biometrics for customer authentication

The multibranch concept
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