41st Efma Congress: multidistribution

17 to 18 October 2013

The long march towards multidistribution

Banks have already made progress towards developing a distribution strategy in which different channels are closely integrated. However, true multichannel distribution is hard to achieve and requires significant long-term investment.

But if banks do manage to achieve the ideal multidistribution approach, what benefits or return on investment can they expect? There’s no easy answer. However, the Efma Congress is the one place where you can count on keeping abreast of the latest thoughts, best practices and ideas! Come and be challenged, stimulated and encouraged by a wide range of leading industry figures with unparalleled experience in this area.

Key questions

Why is there a need for change and how will it happen? What are the keys to building a sustainable retail banking business? What impact will new channels and new strategies have and how will the role of traditional channels change?

How are banks moving towards multidistribution? What are the main challenges facing banks? What are the best multidistribution strategies? The Congress will hear from various banks about the innovative and transformational approaches that they have adopted.

What role will the customer play? The importance of the customer has been highlighted in recent years but how can a customer-centric approach form part of a workable multichannel strategy? How can banks build relationships through the different types of channels and maintain a consistent customer experience across all of them?

Hot topics

Some of the other topics that will be discussed include:

Reconciling and capitalising on the different approaches of digital and physical channels

Measuring the impact of digital channels

Channel trends in emerging markets

Boosting sales through different channels

The latest innovations and channel developments

Campaign management using multiple channels

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