Customer week 2013

23 to 25 April 2013

Re-thinking customer value and getting better connected with your customers

It’s time to focus on the customer!

Efma is delighted to announce an exciting new concept in our annual series of events: a Customer week summit. Efma is introducing three new weeks: this illustrates how we are embracing change with the aim of bringing even more value to our members. Each of these weeks has a different theme, and brings several Efma conferences together. Our growing presence on various social networks enables us to develop a ‘connected community’ of financial services professionals with common needs and interests.

The Customer week gives retail finance professionals a unique opportunity to discuss ways of improving customer engagement, value and experience. You will also have valuable time for networking with your peers - reconnecting with your acquaintances and meeting new faces.

Customer week has been developed because Efma recognises that new ideas are needed to align banks with changing consumer priorities. Delegates will discover ways of staying ahead in the race to attract and keep customers, despite historic levels of regulation, economic pressure and general upheaval.

This dynamic new event will include:

Stimulating and thought-provoking presentations from over 60 banks and businesses, including customer strategies, insights and research

High level plenary and strategy panel discussions with retail banking and other industry leaders

'Pick and mix' best practice presentations and hands-on interactive discussions

So, what’s it all about?

As retail banks focus on key opportunities to generate greater profitability and open new revenue streams, their relationship with customers has become pivotal to growth. These relationships are vital for all bank industry sectors. For banks to survive, they must use the latest ideas, techniques and technologies to attract and retain customers.

Efma's new Customer week will take you through every aspect of the customer journey, focusing on innovation and ideas and leading to a total re-think of how to develop a better customer experience in retail banking. Ultimately, a better experience will lead to greater loyalty, higher customer value and increased profitability.

Key questions

Are banks just paying lip service to customer centricity? Do banks really want to understand their customers? They have a wealth of customer data, preferences and usage patterns but why aren’t these being used more effectively? Perhaps it’s time to really look at ourselves through the eyes of our customers.

What are the main threats? Many new, strong non-bank brands threaten to take customers away from traditional financial services, so now is the time to make changes and create the most meaningful (and profitable) customer interactions.

How can banks regain trust and improve the customer experience? Customer satisfaction alone is no longer sufficient - banks need to provide an enhanced experience over all channels and at every customer touch point.

Hot topics

Here are just some of the vital topics that will be explained, discussed and debated:

The importance of CRM and its integration with mobile and social media

Integrating the ‘voice of the customer’ into the marketing strategy

Developing an inspirational brand image and protecting your reputation

The use of different channels and new methods of communication

International insights and global and local customer strategies

Collaboration with non-banking partners

The development of effective customer loyalty programmes

Effective, cost-efficient, and profitable segmentation

Integrating data into your communications and channel strategies

The use of new technology, tools and techniques

Social media, mobile and advertising insights

Behavioural analysis and market research

Employee and customer engagement and interaction

Product innovation and design and new sales strategies

This promises to be one of the financial sector conference highlights of the year. Register now to ensure place!


Find out everything you need to know about the latest developments in understanding, advising and serving customers:

A wide range of customer issues have been brought together

They will all be covered in one place, during one week

This saves you time and money: you no longer have to attend different conferences - everything is together in a ‘one-stop shop’

Our versatile new format includes:

A pre-conference dinner on the evening of Day 1 and cocktails on Day 2, 3 and 4

Three days of interactive and parallel conferences

We thank our partners

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