Operational efficiency 2013

28 February to 1 March 2013

Operations, the powerhouse for change and innovation


This is Efma eighth successive annual conference devoted to operational excellence and efficiency. Arguably, this topic is now even more important than ever, or at least, its importance is becoming increasingly recognised.

In a context where retail banks are still struggling with the fall-out from the economic crisis, the route back to future success and profitability lies in the development of more efficient and effective operations. Retail banking is facing an unprecedented need for change and much of this will have to be driven by the operations area.

Key issues

What are the key challenges in terms of operational excellence?

How can banks improve the customer experience and create value added for clients and shareholders? Part of the answer lies in more predictable services, delivery guarantees, and simplified and enhanced end-to-end processes.

How can banks transform their operations?

Lean programmes have a key role to play in driving greater performance levels. People and technology are two other key factors: for instance, some roles and responsibilities need to change, and perhaps even the organisational structure.

How can any changes be sustained?

A culture of continuous improvement will help banks to achieve sustainability.

Hot topics

Other topics that will be discussed during the conference include:

The growing importance of operational risk

The operations manager of the future and the COO's new role

The growth of centres of excellence

Customer excellence programmes

Developing a more agile operating model

The proactive adjustment of core processes

Operational readiness for delivering major IT change

E2E process management

Distributed intelligence in large-scale process improvement programmes

Performance coaching


Break-out sessions: delegates will have a choice of joining 5 interactive discussion groups devoted to operational excellence and efficiency hot topics. The discussions, which will be facilitated and led by ABN AMRO, will provide delegates with an opportunity to share experiences and learn from each other’s strategic and practical insights.

Visits to centres of excellence: the event will include a visit to some of ABN AMRO’s new centres of customer excellence, where lean and other customer centric best practices have been implemented. Delegates will have the choice between visiting a branch, call centre or central support function.

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