Customer intelligence and CRM

25 to 26 October 2012

Using customer insights and intimacy to regain their trust


The related issues of customer intelligence and the use of sophisticated customer relationship management (CRM) systems continue to be a priority for banks. Customers lost trust in the financial sector during the economic crisis and this hasn’t yet been regained. The only effective solution is a better understanding of the customers and their needs - and treating the customer well whilst finding new ways of meeting these needs.

This turns the spotlight on customer intelligence. More detailed information in the form of greater insights and data is the key to understand the customer. Strategies are needed for collecting, analysing and using the data. Only then can banks learn how to develop the most effective proposals to meet their specific requirements; how to develop service levels that will increase customer satisfaction; and how to improve their interactions with customers, leading to an increase in loyalty.

In line with these objectives, the conference will discuss a range of topics, including:

Getting data: the collection and combination of data from different sources. New approaches to the collection of intelligence (such as CRM 2i).

Analysing data: developing an understanding of customer needs

Delivering data: using the results of the analyses to boost sales, service and customer loyalty.

Key issues

The conference will feature leading European industry speakers and include presentations, masterclasses and speed sessions on topics such as:

Segmentation issues

Predictive analysis and customer needs analysis

Event-based marketing, content marketing and inbound marketing

Exploiting data gained from digital channels

A competitive, dual-channel sales platform

The role of social media in a CRM strategy

Forum: 'sharing common issues'

This new concept is based on small, informal discussion groups, composed of participants who share an interest in specific issues and challenges.

How does it work? A number of topics will be pre-selected and participants will meet at 8:15 a.m. on day one in small groups and discuss the topics of specific interest to them, their ideas and what they hope to take away from the conference. Then, at the end of the conference they will share their insights and discuss the takeaways with the other members of the group.

Tell us if you want to take part in this forum and send your topic of interest or questions to
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