Maintaining competitive edge in an aggressively dynamic market
Disruptive influence of new technologies is compelling banks to change their businesses to become a digital to the core and change their mindset from board to front line staff in order to remain relevant and stay in the game. 
The new breed of customers (Millennial) who are tech savvy, deeply connected and exposed to the world, have high expectations, they understand the value of their money. It is very challenging for banks to cater those customers who are looking for specific products against the price they are spending.
Payment ecosystem which is very lucrative in terms of serving existing customers and brining new players and clients. However, the market is facing challenges in terms of new technologies and customers' appetite to adopt them.
As new technologies, partnership with new players and fintechs, have huge potential for banks to retain their customers, banks are also focusing on hybrid model, redesigning their distribution networks, equipping them with new technologies in order to bridge gaps and win digital customers and offer them seamless self-service digital experience in branches.
Fifth edition of Efma’s Retail Banking Summit in Lebanon will feature the most disruptive innovations and best practices in digital transformation. Moreover, there will be discussions on Open Banking, customer experience, cyber security, using AI and bots, data integration, transforming payment landscape, new entrants in the ecosystem and much more, below you can find some broad areas which will be covered during the summit; 
Transformation through strategy of differentiation
• What role leadership can play to create successful digital driven bank?      
• How banks can convincingly demonstrate the appropriate digital maturity and savviness to their customers that can effectively differentiate them in a crowded marketplace?
• How banks need to manage the process of consistent acquisition of the new skills in the scenario of constant proliferation of new technologies and new dynamics?
Changing the game via agile & partnerships
• How can partnering with startups help financial firms compete with their peers in different market place?
• Which innovative strategies and offerings are enabling faster and more agile growth in terms of customer satisfaction and segment penetration?
• How open channels, system integration and new technologies are transforming workplace?
Data strategy, open APIs & cognitive technologies
• How should banks use machine learning to attract, retain and provide better services to their customers?
• How players in the region are deploying their strategy to prepare for the world of omnipotent AI? 
• What banks can learn from the Bigtech giants in terms of creating the architecture and platform to gather customer knowledge and profitably deploying it?
Scaling the payments landscape: how to add value and stand out among your peers?
• How can banks answer the risk of disintermediation as outside organizations succeed in the payments market?     
• How are world-leading financial institutions leveraging their payments position into ecosystems and new business opportunities?
• What strategies and best practices are helping banks to succeed in payments innovation?
Customer acquisition in digital ecosystem
• How to re-invent, re-engineer the digital landscape to bridge the gap of customer expectation? 
• Banks or FinTech: Who is winning the battle of customer acquisition by offering innovative products and services?
• How to re-create the physical space that makes the customers feel delighted?
Make banking secure in digital world
• How banks are responding to new cyber threats while providing customers on demand services?
• How to manage the risks related to data security coming in the age of cloud, connectivity with external parties and consistent demand by the customer to be available anywhere and anytime?
Reserve your place now and make most of this exclusive event. Learn about the current and upcoming trends and know what it takes to succeed!

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Meaghan Johnson
Meaghan Johnson Efma
Senior Advisor
Randa Bdeir
Randa Bdeir Crédit Libanais
Deputy General Manager | Head of E-Payment Solutions & Cards Technology
Sheb Camur
Sheb Camur Pisano
Customer Success Manager
Jocelyne Chahwan
Jocelyne Chahwan Blom Bank
Deputy CEO - Head of Retail Banking
Amin Meqdadi
Amin Meqdadi SAP Middle East & Africa
Director Financial Services Industry
Najib Anwar Choucair
Najib Anwar Choucair Banque du Liban
Executive Director Head of Banking Department
Fahim uz Zaman
Fahim uz Zaman Efma
General Manager, Middle East & Africa
Camilla Bergkvist
Camilla Bergkvist Danske Bank
Chief Consultant - Payments Group Development
Makram Bou Nassar
Makram Bou Nassar Banque du Liban
Executive Director, Head of Payment Systems Department
Andras Fischer
Andras Fischer OTP Bank
Head of Innovation, Retail Banking
Cornel Dixon
Cornel Dixon Backbase
Head of Middle East and Africa
Dania Abou-Zeinab
Dania Abou-Zeinab Bank Audi
Assistant Group Head of Retail Banking
Ramzi Saboury
Ramzi Saboury Areeba
Chief Commercial Officer
Halil Ozcan
Halil Ozcan TEB Türk Ekonomi Bankası
Digital Banking Director
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