Transforming ideas into turnover
How can bankers innovate without knowing what others are doing best on the market?

The summit brings together bankers who are interested in leveraging technology and innovation for growth. Heads of business lines, heads of segments, COOs and heads of innovation, marketing managers, among other business managers in banks, will interact with the ecosystem of innovation in banking: fintechs, bigtechs and innovation leaders. Winners of the 2018 Efma - Accenture Distribution & Marketing Innovation in Banking Awards and the Gold, Silver and Bronze winners from 2019 will also feature. So it will be a wonderful opportunity to network and learn.
 We have asked the winners of the world’s best innovations in banking awards to come on stage and deep dive. They will present not only the actual innovation, but will also explain how they have implemented it and integrated it into their business lines and platforms, what difficulties they have encountered and how they track performance, including the real impact on the bank’s business.
Key questions that will be answered include:
• What are the latest innovation trends and which technologies are the most used by banks and for what purpose? 
 • What are banks’ strategies for using innovation to grow business and what are their key achievements in this area? 
 • How can artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, machine learning, big data and blockchain contribute to profit?
The summit will focus on a range of hot topics, with real-world examples of innovation successes. The Gold winners of the Efma - Accenture Distribution & Marketing Innovation in Banking Awards 2018 will discuss how their projects have evolved since they won, and share insights on their plans for the future.
Leadership and managing innovation:
• How can innovation be really part of the DNA of a finacial institution? 
• How can banks move innovation into exploitation?
• How can banks challenge the status quo or do they prefer to be challenged?
Neobanks & specialized players:
• How can incumbents and new entrants innovate to create a scalable new end-to-end value proposition? 
• Which innovative strategies and offerings are enabling faster and more agile growth in terms of customer acquisition and segment penetration? 
Analytics & AI:
• How can banks innovate to become data-driven organizations leveraging analytics and AI at scale?
• What strategies and initiatives can help banks to monetize their data?

Digital marketing & communication:
• Which innovation strategies can help improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the marketing funnel?
• How are banks successfully rethinking the way they reach their customers for marketing purposes in the digital space?
• How can banks innovate to increase customer and prospect awareness and boost contact-to-sales conversion?

Offering innovation:
• How can banks innovate to widen their traditional product offering, with niche-oriented products as well as value added services?
• Which innovative products and services are bringing banks outside their traditional boundaries and into the customer’s daily life and needs?
• How are banks innovating to provide faster, easier and safer payments for customers?

Phygital distribution & experience:
• How can innovations in banks’ physical and digital distribution channels help to enhance and reinvent the bank-customer relationship?
• Which innovation strategies are helping banks to provide a seamless, personalized experience, engaging the customer at every touchpoint?

Workforce experience:
• How can innovation empower a bank’s workforce or strengthen workforce methodologies and processes?
• Which technologies are enabling banks to infuse a high-value human touch into the relationship model?

Risk management innovation:
• Is it possible to innovate in a control function?
• How to face the challenges and turn them into opportunities?

Innovation in action:
The summit will include a ”surprise” onsite visit to see successful innovation in action. We will be releasing more details in due course, so stay tuned for more information

Speaker presentations

Open banking- What else?
Open banking- What else? 2019-10-15 14:30:00
Wrap up of the event
Wrap up of the event 2019-10-15 16:25:00
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Speaking Institutions

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Jim Marous
Jim Marous The Financial Brand
Owner and Publisher of Digital Banking Report, Co-Publisher of The Financial Brand
Maike Strudthoff
Maike Strudthoff JumpNext
Innovation Coach / Futurist / Author / Founder of JumpNext - Digital Innovation Network
Renata Petrovic
Renata Petrovic Bradesco
Research & Innovation Superintendent
Jorge Paulo Baião
Jorge Paulo Baião Crédito Agricola
Chief Information Officer & Executive Board Member
Bartosz Zborowski
Bartosz Zborowski Bank Pekao
Head of Innovation and Remote Channels
Monika Edlinger
Senior Consultant, Innovation- and Project-Management
Olga Ceja
Olga Ceja Banorte
Director de Innovación y Transformación Canales
Jean-Yves Bruna
Jean-Yves Bruna Infosys Finacle
May Michelson
May Michelson PayKey
Director, Sales & Business Development - Europe
Mohcine Ouass
Mohcine Ouass McKinsey & Company
Associate Partner McKinsey & Company Amsterdam
Khomotso Molabe
Khomotso Molabe Standard Bank
Chief Engineering Officer
Demetrio Migliorati
Demetrio Migliorati Banca Mediolanum
Innovation Manager & Head of Blockchain
Benoît Bourdin
Benoît Bourdin Crédit Agricole S.A.
Partners & CA Group connections / International Network @ Le Village by CA
Dara Hizveren
Dara Hizveren Garanti BBVA
Head of Innovation
Eboni Boicel
Eboni Boicel Desjardins
Senior Director, Initiative and marketing solution
Marek Tomczuk
Marek Tomczuk Bank Pekao
Vice President of the Management Board
Didier Farjon
Didier Farjon D-Rating
Tomasz Ampula
Tomasz Ampula Consdata
Digital Transformation Expert | Product Owner
Mitsunobu Okubo
Mitsunobu Okubo Mizuho Financial Group
Senior Digital Strategist
João Lima Pinto
João Lima Pinto ITSCREDIT
Alfons Cornella
Alfons Cornella Institute of Next
Frederic de Melker
Frederic de Melker Rakbank
Managing Director Personal Banking
Marc Balastegui
Marc Balastegui Caixabank Digital Business
Emerging Technologies Team Manager
Michael Anyfantakis
Michael Anyfantakis Lloyds Banking Group
Head Of Innovation Design
Danielle Winandy
Danielle Winandy BNP Paribas
Head of Risk Innovation Office (Chief Innovation Officer)
Sam Tanskul
Sam Tanskul Krungsri Finnovate
Managing Director
Manuel Cantalapiedra
Manuel Cantalapiedra Santander
Chief Innovation Officer
Jürgen Dostal
Jürgen Dostal BAWAG P.S.K.
Head of Products
Gemma O’loghlen
Gemma O’loghlen BNP Paribas
Head of Transversal Projects RISK ORC ICT
Albert Llorens
Albert Llorens bnc10
Fernando Figueiredo
Fernando Figueiredo McKinsey & Company
Expert Associate Partner McKinsey & Company London
Juan Franco
Juan Franco Bancolombia
Plink Director
Mary Connor
Mary Connor Finastra
Retail Banking Strategy
Ewelina Gulbinowicz
Ewelina Gulbinowicz Alior Group
Brand Manager
Carlos Lopez-Moctezuma
Carlos Lopez-Moctezuma BBVA
Global Head of New Business Models, Open Banking and Innovation
Enrico Giancoli
Enrico Giancoli Iccrea Bank
Head of Marketing, Analytics and Business Development
Piercarlo Gera
Piercarlo Gera Accenture
Senior Managing Director, Accenture Financial Services, Customer Insight & Growth
Alessandro Secchi
Alessandro Secchi Accenture
FS D&M Offering Development Lead
Dmitriy Vakin
Dmitriy Vakin Alfa Bank
Head of innovations and prospective development
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