Banking the next generation: a seamless digital experience

Against a backdrop of digital transformation, with digital platforms becoming major delivery channels, it is inevitable that banks in this region will face a series of new challenges, especially when the next generation will form the biggest users of financial services. Whilst these banks have embraced new technologies with increasing fervor and have started to transform themselves, they still need to implement more aggressive changes in response to the creeping challenges of non-industry players. More particularly, Asian and global technology giants have started stepping on the toes of the banking industry, with for example their recent launches of digital wallets, cross border payment solutions and their aggressive focus on capturing an increasing share of the wallets and imagination of customers.

This inaugural Efma Retail Banking Forum, Cambodia 2019 will focus on the key priorities and most pressing challenges faced by the banking industry in the region, in particular in the Greater Mekong sub-region. This event will bring together Efma’s global expert resources and successful banks in the retail financial services ecosystem from the region to discuss the most disruptive innovations and best practices in digital transformation. They key themes to be discussed during the event will include:

Digital transformation trends: Charting the path towards success whilst dealing with the issues of big data and analytics, payments and personalization.
Artificial intelligence and machine learning: Making sense of tomorrow’s world for banks today.
Distribution and customer experience: How to create an experience and space for interaction with banking customers comparable to those of retail leaders.
Digitalizing SMEs: How to deepen the relationship with these valuable segments and break into new ones.
Open banking, APIs, and Fintechs: The challenges of interfacing with the rest of the world where speed and innovation need to be pursued with equal intent.
Internet of all things, voice, virtual reality et al: How to prepare banks for the platforms and channels of tomorrow whilst dealing with the predominance of mobile today.
People: How to update the workforce with the necessary skills, mindset and culture as banks transform their infrastructure and platforms.

Participants will also be able to ask specific questions during panel discussions so that they can gain greater insights into the details of the topics that are the most pertinent for them.

It is important to note that the summit is structured as an exclusive event, with selected invitees, only so that participants can interact more effectively with their peers and develop connections that can help grow their business. This event is an opportunity to learn from leading players about the next digital wave in finance. So, if you wish to stay ahead of the curve, reserve your place now!

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John Berry
John Berry Efma
Kazuya Sakakibara
Kazuya Sakakibara au Jibun Bank Corporation
Executive Officer, Head of Innovation
Supaneewan Chutrakul
Supaneewan Chutrakul Kasikornbank
Executive Vice President
Pui Fang Chow
Pui Fang Chow DBS Bank Singapore
Partnerships DBS Innovation Group
Sorachna Honn
Sorachna Honn Prince Bank
Chief Executive Officer
Christian Roland
Christian Roland AIA Thailand
Chief Strategy and Digital Officer
Michael Lor
Michael Lor Efma
Senior Advisor, Asia Pacific


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