Insurance Revolution: Optimize, Transform and Engage

Dramatic transformation will affect the insurance industry over the coming decades, causing a revolution within existing insurance firms. But how should insurers deal with this challenge, and what will the industry look like in the future?

At the Efma Insurance Summit we will seek to answer those questions. Bringing together leading insurance business minds, we will share their insights on the hot topics for today’s insurers while looking at how the industry will develop towards the year 2040.

The summit will focus on three key areas:
Transformation and Innovation
Engagement and Partnering

Through interactive workshops, demos, presentations and networking sessions, we will explore the key issues facing insurance leaders today, including how insurers can engage new partners from outside the industry, how they will involve digital natives in the year 2040, and what this revolution means for insurers in areas such as cyber risks, artificial intelligence, robotics, 3D printing, mobility, drones and wearable devices.

Our fresh and lively event format provides an arena for constructive debate, discussion and partnership to help insurers find the best strategies to succeed in a transforming industry.

Topics of discussion at the Insurance Summit will include:
• How will the insurance world develop towards the year 2040?
• In what ways will millennials interact in the future?
• Case studies and best practices from the industry in different regions around the world
• How will mobile technology and micro insurance impact the industry?
• Expert insight on European regulatory developments
• Revolution via acquisition and/or longstanding partnerships
• What will be the impact of technology on the reinsurance industry?

Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to connect with your peers, learn from industry leaders and find out everything you need to know to prepare for the insurance industry of 2040!

And there's more... Increased knowledge & networking opportunities
Get the most out of your time at Insurance Summit with the SME Banking Summit taking place in parallel, at the same venue!
Have a look on: www.efma.com/sme19

Speaker presentations

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Johannes Leser
Johannes Leser Namirial
Managing Director
Mustafa Kemal Akillioglu
Mustafa Kemal Akillioglu Pisano
Co-founder and General Manager of Pisano Central Europe
Emmanuel Moyrand
Emmanuel Moyrand Monuma
President and Co-founder
Tetiwe Jawuna
Tetiwe Jawuna Standard Bank
Head Wealth Gauteng Region
Silvia Milian
Silvia Milian Accenture
Managing Director, Insurance
Jean-Marc Pailhol
Jean-Marc Pailhol Allianz SE
Allianz Partners Board member & GSP Chief Officer
Parul Green
Parul Green Axa Lab
Head of AXA Lab Europe
Yalchin Khalilov
Yalchin Khalilov Alfa Bank
Digital Product Owner
Lucy Pinder
Lucy Pinder Synergix Health
Project Manager
Annemieke Visser-Brons
Annemieke Visser-Brons Nationale-Nederlanden
Director of Pension Services at Nationale-Nederlanden
Folker Michaelsen
Folker Michaelsen Allianz SE
Senior Manager Customer Insight and Strategy
Ender Ertugral
Ender Ertugral AXA Sigorta
Customer Experience & Customer 4.0 Director
Andrea Leverano
Andrea Leverano SHARE NOW
Managing Director DriveNow
Makoto Okubo
Makoto Okubo Nippon Life Insurance Company (NISSAY)
General Manager, International Affairs
Kadri Rumm
Kadri Rumm Swedbank Estonia
Family Insurance Area Manager
Lukas Dzuroska
Lukas Dzuroska Efma
SME Banking Program Director
Antonio Cano
Antonio Cano Ageas Belgium
COO, Member Board of Directors
Axel Bohlke
Axel Bohlke Roland Berger
René van der Poel
René van der Poel Efma
Senior Advisor
Alberto Busetto
Alberto Busetto Generali Jeniot
Head of Business Development Generali Italia Head of Connected Insurance Generali Jeniot
Benoit Merel
Benoit Merel Wakam
Massimo Palmas
Massimo Palmas Swedbank Life
Head Product Portfolio Management
Vincent Bastid
Vincent Bastid Efma
Gabriele Hollmann
Gabriele Hollmann Scor SE
Head of Israel & Subregion
Marco Huwiler
Marco Huwiler Accenture
Financial Services Lead
Manuel Heuer
Manuel Heuer Dacadoo
Chief Operating Officer at dacadoo
Hermann Alexander Lammer
Hermann Alexander Lammer Allianz SE
Principal Business Architect
Klaus Fellner
Klaus Fellner Namirial
VP Sales and Alliances
Julian Arevalo
Julian Arevalo EIOPA - European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority
Senior Expert on Financial Innovation
Andrew Rear
Andrew Rear Munich Re Digital Partners
Chief Executive
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