Accelerating industry transformation through collaboration and digital ecosystems
Most banks have started the digitization and transformation journey, but only few have conscientiously chosen a new strategic path. On the other barricade, FinTechs have been expanding into segments beyond retail and offering more sophisticated solutions.

"Four horsemen of the apocalypse": Disintermediation, unbundling, commoditization and invisibility cause a big impact on banks' financials. Margin erosion continues and there are early signs of volume loss in selected markets.

Taking all these challenges as an opportunity, 46th Congress will address them by key transformation themes:

• Putting ‘customer’s needs’ to the core and leverage ‘co-creation with customers’ to develop best services and customer experience                  
• Preparing your organization to effectively collaborate with FinTechs/partners in an ecosystem environment
• Creating digital ecosystems to effectively realize Open Banking opportunity
• Monetizing new business models
• Bringing diversity to your teams and work in agile mode to boost innovation engine
• Analysing different applications of AI in customer experience, operational efficiency and data analytics

The industry needs to strike back to all these upcoming trends by setting out the right journey in your transformation. Your next checkpoint of this exciting journey is the 46th Efma Congress!
Stay tuned for more information coming soon!
The 46th Efma Congress is brought to you as part of Best Efma Week, a series of exceptional events in Lisbon. These premier gatherings of finance professionals will empower you to stay on top of your game and keep up with the fast-paced industry. Lisbon is welcoming the future of the finance industry this October. Don't miss out!

Critical insights and networking opportunities are at your fingertips! While in Lisbon, spend a week with us at:
Innovation Summit 15-16 October www.efma.com/innovation18
Enjoy sunny Lisbon! 17 October – Take the day off and experience the city
46th Efma Congress 18-19 October www.efma.com/congress18

Attending both 46th Efma Congress & Innovation Summit gets you a 25% discount! Reserved for FSI

Speaker presentations

Making dumb banks smart
Making dumb banks smart 2018-10-18 14:50:00
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Speaking Institutions

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Andrew White
Andrew White Vidyo
Vice President, EMEA
Mariusz Ozga
Mariusz Ozga Alior Bank
Open Banking Strategy Leader
Laurie Shotton
Laurie Shotton Gartner UK
Research Director
Monique Dahler
Monique Dahler Microsoft
Worldwide Director for the Financial Services Industry and Head of Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Axel Reinaud
Axel Reinaud BCG
Senior Partner & Managing Director
Max Schertel
Max Schertel N26
Head of Business Operations
Joerg Diewald
Joerg Diewald solarisBank
Chief Commercial Officer
Mark Aldred
Mark Aldred Auriga
Head of Sales, International
Martin Ekenbäck
Martin Ekenbäck Tink
Head of Customer Success
Luis Côrte-Real
Luis Côrte-Real ebankIT
International Sales Executive
Pascal Huijbers
Pascal Huijbers Fujitsu
Chief Technology Officer for Financial Services EMEIA
Kirsten Oppenländer
Kirsten Oppenländer Deutsche Bank
Managing Director, Innovation & Design, Commercial Clients
Joaquin de Valenzuela
Joaquin de Valenzuela Salesforce
Head of Financial Services
John Findlay
John Findlay Launchfire
CEO & Founder
Bhavesh Vaghela
Bhavesh Vaghela TSB
Digital Transformation and Innovation Office
Luca Romagnoli
Luca Romagnoli Salesforce
Business Development Manager EMEA - Financial Services, Director Regulated Industries (Fin Serv, Utilities, Public Sector) Bus Dev
Matthijs Eijpe
Matthijs Eijpe Backbase
Regional Sales Director
Nicholas Harrison
Nicholas Harrison first direct
Commercial Managing Director
Gianluca Soma
Gianluca Soma Société Générale
Head of Europe and Russia
Hazal Ozguven
Hazal Ozguven Garanti BBVA
SVP Organization and Process Development Manager
Nitin Chugh
Nitin Chugh HDFC Bank
Country Head - Digital Banking and Personal Liabilities Products
Jean-Marc Pailhol
Jean-Marc Pailhol Allianz SE
Allianz Partners Board member & GSP Chief Officer
Jose Antonio Wolff
Jose Antonio Wolff Bancolombia
Director of Digital Strategy
Stephan Erne
Stephan Erne Svenska Handelsbanken
Chief Digital Officer
Tobias Christen
Tobias Christen DSwiss AG
Sérgio Magalhães
Sérgio Magalhães Millennium BCP (Portugal)
Director Digital Transformation
Cyril Rimbert
Cyril Rimbert Wavestone
Sarah Häger
Sarah Häger Nordea Bank (Sweden)
Head of Open Banking Community
Einar Gudmundsson
Einar Gudmundsson Arion Bank
Corporate Development Entrepreneur - CEO Office
Vladimir Stasevich
Vladimir Stasevich MTS Bank
Head of Daily Banking
Olivier Guillaumond
Olivier Guillaumond ING Bank
Global Head of Innovation Labs and Fintechs
Indrek Onnik
Indrek Onnik e-Estonia
Project Manager
Yolande Piazza
Yolande Piazza Google Cloud
Vice President of Financial Services
Bart Brouwer
Bart Brouwer ING Bank
Senior Strategist, Corporate Strategy
Ryan Thorpe
Ryan Thorpe Revolut
Marketing Manager UK/IE
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