Fostering/cultivating innovation is no easy task. We will look at real-world examples and insights from top innovation managers.

There is no one perfect innovation formula. As financial institutions build their digital agenda, it is imperative they find the right mix between fintechs, innovations labs, and open programs. Crafting a strategy suited for your institution is key to building a strong foundation and culture that will bring digital success. By speaking with financial services executives, we will learn what has worked well and best practices that can breed innovation success, no matter the context.    

Speaking Institutions


Paolo Zaccardi
Paolo Zaccardi Fabrick
Marcin Kurczab
Marcin Kurczab PZU
Director of Innovation
Claire Calmejane
Claire Calmejane Société Générale
Chief Innovation Officer
Roberto Ferrari
Roberto Ferrari Efma
Future Innovation Community Lead


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Dorota Valkova
Dorota Valkova Efma
Communities Manager
Miroslava Tokarova
Miroslava Tokarova Efma
Events Coordinator

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