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On 8 December at 9:00am CET we will launch the Sustainability and Regulation Community! Join us for this launching event with a central topic of "Artificial intelligence regulation".
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Welcome to this new Efma Sustainability and Regulation Community

Efma in partnership with TNP has launched a new Sustainability and Regulation Community to support global financial leaders in fostering best practices to master regulations and sustainable business in their institutions. The Community provides an environment for financial services leaders to learn from each other and stay up to date on regulatory standards and beyond while meeting the expectations of the future. The Community will foster global collaboration on the sustainability and regulation topics such as climate risk and ESG regulation, AI and digital currency regulation, with aim to keep pushing the industry forward.

TNP is delighted to strenghten its partnership with Efma

Created in 2007, TNP is an independent and hybrid French consulting firm specializing in operational, regulatory, and digital transformations. Present in France, Monaco, Italy, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland, Morocco, India, and Ivory Coast. TNP is involved in various dimensions – regulatory, operational strategy, information system, business and human capital and projects in many industries such as: banking, insurance, public sector and healthcare, transport and logistics, industry, energy, and retail. Its approach and expertise in piloting complex transformation programs, unique in the consulting market, have paved TNP’s path to a cross-industry breakthrough noted by key players.

Welcome to the Sustainability and Regulation Community

What is the Sustainability and Regulation Community?

At Efma, we have created a community of executives in the Sustainability and Regulation area. Led by Clotilde Bouchet, Chairman at CRSF, this community is centered around sharing best practices, with virtual events, podcasts and articles all facilitating knowledge sharing in this competitive space. By speaking with leaders in the Sustainability and Regulation world, this Community brings real life experiences, trends and research that has essential value to its members.
Want to become a member?
For now, anyone can become a part of this community. If you are interested in joining your peers and helping us in building a space where insurers around the world share and learn from each other, just contact us at katarina@efma.com or lukas@efma.com and we will be glad to set up a short call to see how you personally can benefit from the community membership! 



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Not yet a community member? To apply, please contact katarina@efma.com.

This Sustainability and Regulation Community is open to all global financial leaders with interest in Sustainability and Regulation topics.
Katarína Poliaková
Katarína Poliaková Efma
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